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03/01/2012 08:32:12
Hows everyone doing? I'm getting closer to the lovely 28 weeks, just a few more days to go! Looking forward to the big 3d scan again to see how bubs is doing! Kicking like crazy, my bladder is killing me otherwise all is well

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30/11/2011 13:34:31
Hiya everyone,

Yikes, can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying by! It's been ages since I logged on as well!

Hope you're all keeping really well and enjoying your 2nd trimesters (before we all get huge & uncomfortable in the 3rd trimester!)

All is well with our little bubs, I started feeling her kicks at 15wks and they seem to be gradually getting stronger as each day passes. Haven't had any kicks directed towards my ribs yet but plenty of irish dancing on my bladder!

Sparkly, yep I'm definitely thinking more about the actual physicalities of labour now and am also planning on going natural! Am hoping that the antenatal classes that we're booked into at Health Bay Polyclinic with Dru Campbell in January will help to ease my worries though. Have also been reading up on hypnobirthing but am getting so confused cause some friends have said that it's a lot of nonsense while one friend said that it really helped her (no pain till 10cm!).

Oh and by the way, we've just managed to buy our entire Chicco Cortina 'travel system' for a bargain price of AED 1,200 from the Go Nabit (now Living Social) website! The deal is available for another 2 days.

Hope you all have a lovely National Day weekend!

Fi x

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29/11/2011 22:23:08
Helllooooooo everyone! It's been ages since I logged on and what a lovely surprise to find there are more March babies.
Just wanted to check in and say that all is well with us also, bubs is great, though I am always worrying if I am doing the right things, eating well enough etc being our first. She moves a lot though thankfully not so much jumping on my bladder as there was a few weeks ago!

I still have the morning sickness sadly, on navidoxine and don't know what I'd do without it. Tried to stop a couple of times, resulting in vomiting in less than 24 hours. The OB has given me till 7.5 months to stay on it and thinks I won't need it after that. So we will see.

I am starting to feel unprepared, and starting to think of the hospital bag packing, antenatal classes and of course, the delivery. We plan on going natural, and as a first pg it scares me the more I think about it. Wonder if anyone else is feeling like this??

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23/11/2011 14:37:54
Hi Twinsmum
I had a section first time round and had convinced myself that I'd have another section as it's Dubai. However, my OB has said she is very happy for me to attempt a VBAC if that's what I want, or she is equally happy to book me for a section at 38 weeks. If a VBAC is what you want, then perhaps think about changing your OB.

I am not sure if I want to attempt a VBAC. I coped ok with a section the first time, but realise that I didnt have a toddler then. So 1 day I think section, then I think maybe a VBAC. I just dont know. I am due 6th MArch and my sister arrives my the UK the morning of the 4th March. Oh the decisions. Would love to have a stork arrive with the new bundle :-)

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21/11/2011 08:34:18
Hi redleaf, I'm due 22nd March, starting to get excited about meeting little Miss now :-)

I have a check up with the Dr tomorrow so waiting to see if they normally book an elective C-section earlier than 40 weeks as I have no idea. With the twins they were both breech so I had to have them by C/S at 38 weeks. Dr doesn't seem to be too keen on the idea of VBAC - I can't decide which one is worse! Made the fatal mistake of watching a video of someone giving birth yesterday which scared the bejeezus out of me. On the other hand recovery from C/S is no picnic either.

Anyone else given thoughts to this? it would be so much easier if they actually were delivered by stork :-)

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20/11/2011 21:52:54
Hi Ladies! I'm due March 16th. Will be 24 weeks on Friday. Can't believe I'll be hitting my third trimester! Getting very excited. We are not going to find out the *** of our baby. Just going to have it a surprise. Everyone who asks me seems very surprised that we're not finding out!

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20/11/2011 16:27:09
Hi twinsmum

Congratulations! I am also having a girl and am 24.2 weeks along. I have a DS who is also sooo into having a baby Sister. He is 3.8 years and will be just over 4 when the baby is born. I hope his enthusiasm continues!

Feeling good - just tired all of the time

What is your due date?
edited by redleaf on 20/11/2011

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20/11/2011 14:34:00
Hi Ladies

so I guess it's safe to come on here now...

I'm 22+3 with a pink bump :-) didn't want to put it out there or tell the big kids until after the big scan at 21 weeks but all is fine yippee! The kids are very excited and keep wanting to see their new baby sister every 5 minutes - 4 months is a long time when you're 3! I'm feeling pretty good now and actually looking pregnant instead of just fat. Need to start thinking about shopping for bub, of course I just cleared out the last of the baby stuff 6 months ago!

How is everyone else feeling? x

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03/11/2011 08:07:38
hi ladies, i am in my 21st week and have been following and enjoying this thread..just wanted to warn my fellow March mamas about my horrible and painful experience yesterday which was my own fault really!

I was feeling very tired after coming back from work on Tues evening and decided to have a quick dinner and an early night. Feeling too tired to cook anything i ordered a burger and fruit shake (cockltail) from a nearby restaurant. For some reason,my husband was suspicious from the start and said are you sure they make good burgers, etc..anyway my burger arrived and i gupled it down - it tasted okay..not the best burger i've had of course and went off to sleep at 7.30pm..

I woke up at 10.30pm with very bad stomach cramps..i thought maybe walking up and down would loosen the feeling of tightness in my tummy but suddenly started vomiting! Now keep in mind that this is my 2nd pregnancy and i have never had morning sickness so didnt know how awful vomiting while pregnant felt! I basically vomited out everything in my tummy and then started dry-heaving which was very painful as it made me feel like i couldnt breathe..

At about 2am, DH and i decided to go to welcare emergency because i wasnt getting better. Alhamdulilah they gave me a scan and Peanut was fine and swimming around summersaulting!..What a relief it was to see him/her and i burst into tears!

They injected me with an antibiotic and a painkiller and i had to stay on a saline IV drip for the next 9 hours! Lesson to me : Be careful of small cafeterias especially when you're pregnant! I feel so stupid for putting myself at risk this way but will be very careful from now on. Thing is we have a babymoon planned for next week (Holiday in Kerala!) and i am feeling worried about the same thing happening to me there!

May God protect us all!

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29/10/2011 13:57:44
Hi Giggles and all the other March Mammas!

I am 21+2 today and have my anomoly scan tomorrow morning! I am nervous, but excited to find out if my bump is pink or blue.

I have a 3.8 year old DS and he is also so excited. We have been reading a lovely book called There's a House Inside My Mummy. I really recommend it and my son can't get enough of it. He also finds it hilarious that the baby is now the size of 'a carrot'. Every week he wants to know what vegetable the baby is the size of! Last week it was a banana

So are most people keeping it a surprise or are you finding out the colour of your bumps?

Hope everyone is well.

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29/10/2011 12:31:49
Hi Mummies!

How is everyone feeling? I am 21+1 today and feeling great! Baby is doing well and I'm finally getting my energy levels back (although I'm exhausted today after hosting my DDs 2nd birthday party yesterday). I was diagnosed with Placenta Previa early on which forced me to cancel any trips back to Oz but thankfully it has moved now so I am out of any immediate danger but am still taking it easy.

My DD is very excited about the new addition coming (although I'm sure there will be some issues once the baby actually arrives. She loves to give the baby drinks and her dummy via my belly button and is always kissing my tummy which is adorable.

Would love to hear how everyone else is going! xoxo

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27/10/2011 21:49:53
Hi Ladies

How is everyone doing? I haven't checked in for a while.

Pingu I am so sorry to hear about the loss of one of your twins. I hope you are doing okay, and that you have a good support network around.

Everything is good with me, although I appear to be putting on weight at a great rate now. I had my 20 week scan yesterday - although I am now 21+5 - and while I had a few issues at the hopsital around timing, all was very good, and finally the little monkey decided to be a little less shy so we could finally see what we were having.

How is everyone else doing??

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13/10/2011 17:24:09
Hi Pingu

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of one of your twins. I can only imagine what conflicting emotions there must be. The same thing happened to a friend of mine.

Take care

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13/10/2011 14:53:09
Update on me

I am just over 15 weeks, found out on Monday at our scan that our one twin didn't make it. Such different emotions going through me right now but we doing ok.

My other baby is looking strong and it's a boy. My DD is still convinced it's a girl we'll have to wait for the big 20 week scan just to be 110% sure. I'm feeling good, tired at night but good. One heck of a rollercoaster ride though!!

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13/10/2011 08:58:26

So we just told our DS (3.8 years) that he is going to be a big brother. I have been really anxious about it for some reason, but he is so excited and asked ' is the baby hatching today?' .

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11/10/2011 10:33:00
All good now after 2 nights of sleep throughs feel like a different woman.

TanyaR - we have a beautiful maid whom you helped me with the visa process for...Thank u btw. Anyway she looks after ds from when he wakes after his morning nap until his afternoon nap. So I study then and once he is in bed after 7. I have play time with him either end of when she looks aftr him.

Re weight, I was .01 less this week at 14 weeks than I was at 7 weeks, and dr didn't say anything.

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09/10/2011 22:07:51
Hi Everyone!

Loving all the updates!

RE: clothes you can get lots of things here, but as you note, it is more expensive than buying where it is made - I brought a pile of things from John Lewis before I moved to Dubai (not that this is my home country, but the last place I lived before I moved here!) Often, if you buy things on sale here, you basically get it at the price you would pay at normal price overseas... I very rarely buy anything full price now, I stock up whenever I see anything I like!

RE: Antenatal classes, it is completely up to you, obviously you want to feel as prepared as possible for when you bring your LO home. I didn't do them first time around because I had lived with a baby for the year before I gave birth, so was comfortable with having a baby around, and the routine etc, I also figured if I didn't know something, I would just google it! However, I think it might also be nice to do if you don't know any other Mummies due around the time you are, so you have people to discuss things with.

RE: weight, the Dr's do seem quite obsessed with your weight gain during your pregnancy. I think you just need to be sensible as much as you can, I put on nearly 30kgs last time, I can advise - this is NOT the way to go, as I only had to lose it all in the months after giving birth - very difficult! I get weekly updates from the babycentre website and that sometimes gives an indication of how much approximately you should be gaining. If you are good with calorie counting, you should be eating an extra 300 calories a day, but mainly just try and have a good balanced diet. Try not to have too much sugar (this includes fruits) - I know quite a few woman who have had issues with gestational diabilities, so you have to keep an eye on this, particularly towards the end, I never had an issue with it (even with all my weight gain last time!) but still something to be aware of.

Aussiepup, I can't believe you are juggling looking after your DS (particularly when he is having some sleep issues), along with all your study - it is so difficult when your DH is away as well. Fingers crossed you can get some rest - perhaps when he naps during the day? Big hugs, hope you are feeling a bit better soon!

So we had our scan last week, our little monkey was hiding, had the umbilical cord tucked between his or her legs.. so we have to wait another couple of weeks to find out what we are having! Cheeky! Other than that, I have been getting migraines once or twice a week, which is a nightmare when you can't take anything! Other than that, still tired, but feeing 'okay'.

Anyway, it is lovely to hear everyones updates given we are all going through the same thing! Take care!

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09/10/2011 13:38:58
Had a check up today everything going well, nt scan the other week said I was a week ahead of where last scan said so due date 4th April but likely to be march if similar to ds as he came at 38 weeks. All good, 70% it's a boy but the little gitter bug was in the wrong position to have that confirmed today.

Am very tired and emotional this week. Ds 16 mths is not sleeping between 1.30-4am each night, might be teeth but not sure. He won't go bk to sleep without me sitting in his room or in some instances he wants a cuddle but soon as I put him bk to bed he cries. It's exhausting and dh in Abu dhabi this week for a course, staying down there. Also have 3 assignments for uni... Nearly at the end of that the gdness! But just v tired an emotional this week. Had nothing like this hormone wise with ds, was easiest pg.
edited by AussiePup on 09/10/2011

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09/10/2011 11:30:17
Hi everyone

It feels like I have put on loads of belly weight, but at my appoinment last week I had only put on 1.5 kilos. I was expecting more!

Was also hoping to find out if my bump is pink or blue, but the baby was in the worst position, so couldn't tell. So will have to wait for my 20/21 week scan at the end of the month.

Fiona82, I have to admit I have only been shopping for maternity clothes for me! Haven't started checking out baby items yet. Although we brought back a Sit and Stand stroller from Canada this summer. I have a 3.5 year old son who will be too big for a proper double buggy once March rolls around, and these are all the rage back home.

As for clothes, I find Babyshop is great for basic newborn clothes. Just plain white onesies from the Junior range. Very reasonable prices.

I was very keen to do an antenatal class with my first. I booked onto the American Hospital weekend course (don't think they do them anymore). Anyway, 15 minutes into the class, I felt so ill (due to unknown tummy bug!), fainted, broke my hand and ended up missing the whole thing! So I never ended up taking a class!

Can't wait to hear how everyone is progressing. Wishing you all a healthy and happy pregnancy!

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08/10/2011 17:18:50
Hi ladies,

Nice to hear you are doing well. I am also extremely tired, but I think I am getting better. I never had morning sickness, that is one of the reasons I put on 5 kgs in 15 weeks!!!! Is that too much? What about you, ladies?

Fiona82, could you inspire me with some baby girl Scottish names, please? My hubby is from Glasgow and I would love to use a Scottish name. We have decided if baby is a boy, but a little bit lost if baby is a girl. My problem is that name needs to be easy to pronounce and spell in Spanish also, like Fiona but more suggestions will be very much appreciated! TIA

Edited to add:

Regards cloths my mum bought last month all the baby cloths in Spain in the summer sales but here you can find some nice items too. I saw in Max they have very affordable cloths but maybe you will do better in Scotland.... although not for summer in you go in November!

I don't know if I will attend ante natal classes - do you think are necessary?????

Thanks again
edited by Nimonemo on 08/10/2011

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08/10/2011 13:51:41
Hi everyone. I am also due in March, 6th. But every chance of an end of Feb arrival. DD was 2 1/2 weeks early via EMCS. I am glad I am over the sickness stage but the tiredness sucks. I just dont sleep so great anymore. I slept great with DD. I am glad I have found this thread. I dont know anyone having a baby next year. My friends are having babies now. It would be nice to be in touch with some ladies due the same time as me, for coffee and chats. Sam

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29/09/2011 10:40:53
Hi to all of my fellow March Mamas!

I'm also due in March (4th) with my first baby and am very excited that I'm finally starting to 'show' (as opposed to just looking bloated for the past 3 months!). Sincere apologies to all of the morning sickness sufferers but I managed to have a great first trimester with absolutely no morning sickness (unusual cause I have a very sensitive stomach at the best of times!) and only a bit of lower back pain and generally wanting to sleep for 20 hours a day.

Am probably getting a bit ahead of myself but when are you all planning to book your antenatal classes? I was eyeing up the Healthbay Clinic in Jumeirah because the midwife Dru Campbell's Friday morning classes have come highly recommended. Will probably book the 4wk block of classes in either December or January.

And how are you all finding the selection of baby stuff available in the shops out here in Dubai? I'm heading home to Scotland in November for a holiday so am just gonna order most of the smaller stuff from Amazon in the UK and then bring it all back out with me. Just can't believe how much more expensive the likes of Mamas & Papas is out here compared to the UK!

Anyway, hope you are all keeping very well and looking forward to your 20wk scans!

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21/09/2011 09:34:17
Hi TanyaR and everyone due in March

Things are going well (touch wood). My 12 week scan a few weeks ago was good. Put my EDD at March 8th. Just feeling soooo tired still. I can't remember when the energy returns during the second trimester - I sure need some!

Hope everyone else is doing well?

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20/09/2011 17:14:09
It has been a while since we had a check in... How is everyone doing???

I am VERY tired, still feeling a bit sick, my varicose veins are popping out, and feet are swelling up - seriously already?!?!?! But otherwise all is going pretty well... Feeling a little guilty I haven't made a single purchase for this little mite yet, but have just splashed out on a pile of new toys for DS! Will have to try and get something this weekend!

Anyway, how is everyone else feeling???

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04/09/2011 18:07:53
Hi All!
Redleaf that is great news, I hope your scan is all good!!

I had my first scan (12 weeks) last week. Heard the heart beat which made me so teary, relieved and fell in love all in one, such a precious experience. I also did the DS scan a few days after and saw even more than I expected. I am still buzzing!! Still have the all day sickness which is driving me around the bend. Doc gave me the ok to take Navidoxine and it helps more than it hinders so I'll keep taking it. Still very aversive to many foods that's for sure! I don't have cravings for anything, just want to eat eat eat all the time but nothing in particular!!

How's everyone else going?!

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02/09/2011 19:07:24
Well am back in Dubai now after a lovely summer and this baby seems to be sticking.

Am excited and nervous about my 12 week scan tomorrow morning!

Hope everyone else is doing well?

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28/08/2011 14:37:22
congrats everyone.

So far for me pregnancy v diff to DS. This time I am suffereing with nausea kind of constant, but haven't vomitted yet - the smell in our house from bad toilet problem isn't helping either but should be fixed soon.

My fads are McChicken burger from McDonalds. Pad Thai with prawns - had it twice so far this week, 1 with prawns and once with chicken. Fruit - Rockmelon especially. And .... wait for it..... Raddish!!!!! How random is that!!? LOL.

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27/08/2011 10:40:18
Congrats Giggles and DubaiNewbie2010! So many march babies!!
I got the peppermint pops and the sour fruit and apple drops. Peppermint pops were nice at night after dinner and the sour fruit were good during the day at work. I got sick of the apple drops as there were so many more than the other flavours. I was popping them one after the other due to really severe nausea. In the end I didn't order more, but I think it is worth you trying them. Now I just buy any similar sort of lolly from the supermarket and find it's all about keeping your tummy from hitting empty. There is no in between for me anymore, just really full and then freaking starved, so lollies have helped out a lot to get me through. I haven't been anywhere for around 6 wks because I need food within arm's reach which is impossible during Ramadan. This 'morning' sickness is so cruel! I am 12.5 wks now and I hope, hope, hope I am done.
I have a 2-3 coconuts a week. They are hard to open!!
My other tip would be to definately nap in the afternoons if you can. That little extra sleep makes so much difference if you can do it. I do it on the weekends and feel so much better, I can even eat better after a nap.
All the best Big Grin

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26/08/2011 11:32:30
Yippee! I'm joining the March posse too! 12wks today with my second. Very exciting times ahead!

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25/08/2011 13:09:33
Sparkly thank you so much for mentioning blush & bloom. I didn't know they sold preggie pops or any anti nausea products. Ordering today! Am at 8wks with first one. :0) and all day sickness has kept me at home can you or anyone recommend a flavor? Thank you hope it helps. Will also try coconut water. Eating habits are rice with soy sauce, mashed potatoes, soup but this is only in 2-3 tablespoons portion anything after that I'm sick. Not So great for the yummy iftar buffets!

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