Is There A Due March 2012 Thread? :)

Latest post at 23/01/2012 12:32:37
oh dear , how bothersome to be changing insurances right now, Pingu!

All the best to you and I know you are feel because my DH's and DS's insurance was not going to be covered by my work any more starting this year but after much negotiation (in other words begging) they have agreed to keep them on - thank goodness!

This means that Lil Peanut coming in march will be covered too once they arrive and that is a great relief.

Latest post at 24/01/2012 10:50:50
Oh Pingu, I hope you get your insurance sorted - that is the last thing you need to be stressing about!

I am soooo excited - we were 34 weeks on Saturday - so getting super close! I am into week two of having finished work, DS started nursery (3 mornings a week) this week, and is loving it.

I really need to sort out baby clothes, and pull the moses basket, car seat etc out of storage, but I am lacking motivation, and seem to be busy with other things all the time! DH told me I need to pack my hospital bag on Sunday morning (given if we deliver at the same time as DS, we will have a new baby in less than two weeks - eeek!) he told me to ensure that I had a stash of red bull in there for him to get him through the labour - what???? It was hilarious, DS only took about 4 hours - so it wasn't hugely taxing on him!

My morning (aka all day) sickness is still causing issues, and for the last 6 weeks I have basically been putting on a kg a week - yikes! I had visions of not putting on the 30kg I put on last pregnancy, but at this rate, I am going to get close .. I guess some of us just carry heavily But I refuse to worry about it, I lost it all in the 3-4 months after DS, so whilst I am sure it will take longer with number two - I know what I need to do!

How is everyone else???

Latest post at 24/01/2012 12:07:21
It has been long since I wrote in this post, but I have been following all your comments.

I am also petrified every time I look in the scale, I am in week 31 and I have already put 16 kg on. The fact is that I still wear the same underwear (pants) and some of the trousers so I hope when the baby is out I will come back to my weight.

As all of you I will start organising all the baby stuff and hospital bag soon... I am enjoying so much this weather!

All of you take care!

Latest post at 08/02/2012 17:15:02
Hi Ladies

How are we all doing??? We are nearly there! I can't believe this has gone so quickly, I am 36 and a half weeks - saw my OB this morning who said she thinks she is definitely going to come early (there are a few signs - plus DS was early..) Personally, I would like the little monkey to stay tucked up in there for another 4 weeks so she is nice and chubby when she arrives - but we will see I guess! I definitely need her to hold on for another few days, I have a chest infection, so have had to start some antibiotics - given I can't breathe very well, which won't be helpful during labour trying to breathe through contractions.

How is everyone else doing??

Latest post at 08/02/2012 18:44:35
Hi TanyaR and everyone!

I know - I can't believe how fast time is flying! I am now 36 weeks and hoping this little lady stays put as long as possible. My Mom doesn't arrive until two days before my EDD and I need her here to help with my 4 year old DS!

I am feeling fine - just tired. Oh and I have thrush - lucky me! And had my OB appointment today and she takes great joy in telling me how big and round the babies head is - again lucky me!

Otherwise can't complain. I am however at that stage where I start worrying again that the baby is healthy. I can't help it.

How are all you other March Mummies doing?

Latest post at 08/02/2012 21:41:26
Ohhh all very exciting getting closer. To be honest it has only been this past week that I have started to feel clucky and connected to this munchkin. It may have quite a bit to do with the horrific dreams I have had about things but am glad the instinct has kicked in coz for a while I had been wondering if it's possible to love this 2nd one as much as the first.

My mum is coming on the 27th march, 1 week before EDD but DS1 was 2 weeks early and she has been asking if this munchkin will be too... I dunno... Am hoping not to go over, have had enough ... Back killing, sick of bing sick with colds and bronchitis etc (finally feeling good past 2 days, here's hoping no more colds. I have doubled much of my vitamins as per naturopaths instructions so fingers crossed it's the boost needed).

Oh do I sympathize redleaf I have had thrush pretty much the entire pregnancy too, as soon as I have anything sweet, which of course this time round everything I want to eat is sweet n sugary, I've had very bad cases of it. After the glucose test was the worst. Blah!

Wishing you all smooth sailing last few pregnant weeks. Looking fwd to hearing birthing stories.

Hope you feel better TanyaR.


Latest post at 09/02/2012 16:11:35
Hi everyone 32 weeks now and struggling! Had such pain the other day low down oh my word thought I was in labour turns out I have SPD (Symphasis pubis dysfunction) which affects the pelvic bone. Am feeling better now but just so tired and sore most of the time. 2 more weeks of work then I'm done but need to start packing boxes as we are moving soon too lol!

Otherwise all is fine, I am so excited to meet my little boy and DD cannot wait anymore!!!

Agree can't wait to hear all the birth stories x

Latest post at 11/02/2012 19:50:01
Can you describe the pain pingu?
I've been told by a few drs now that I have a high pain tolerance so I'm never sure if something is wrong or not, if that makes any sense at all? My groin / pelvis region is tender ( I would describe) and what i would say is sore to lift my legs higher than a step, needless to say the stairs at home are becoming a very big struggle (especially with no dwnst loo!) I have to sit to put pants on and sometimes I can feel pain in pelvis too. I feel like the baby is going to pop out / fall out!

Latest post at 11/02/2012 22:21:09
hello everyone, just joining this thread even though I'm due 6th April - close enough!!

Redleaf - I'm starting to get worried about my baby being healthy too - I'm not letting myself get too stressed out about it, but I totally understand your concerns. I had a slightly worrying result after my amniocentesis - the FISH results showed 'possible' abnormality, but thankfully the full results came back totally normal (that was a looong week!) All the scans since then have shown a perfectly formed baby girl - and JOY, a nice big head too :-) But I know I'll not get rid of that niggling worry until she arrives in perfect health.

AussiePup/Pingu - I'm having pain/tenderness which I've noticed since Christmas time. It gets much worse when I'm walking anywhere - really feels as if all the weight is bearing down on that area! But I even feel it when I get up to go to the loo during the night (which of course is a LOT) and I really struggle to lift my legs to put pants or trousers on/take them off. I spoke to a friend who delivered last October and she said she had it too so Im thinking it's maybe quite normal...does this sound like the same thing?

I'm a first timer and also a massive wimp so getting increasingly terrified of the big day. I'll be running (waddling) for an epidural after the first contraction!

Latest post at 12/02/2012 13:15:15
Well the way Dr daignosed was really simple. She pushed down with her fingers on my pubic bone and then on either side of my hips. I almost hit the roof - that she said is the simplest test. The pain I had before I saw her was right down just above my pubic hair (sorry TMI) and it lasted for hours. I couldn't walk, climb stairs, move basically. That night I couldn't roll over from side to side in bed was too painful. Felt very bruised down there I think the pain can be different all over that area as it affects lower back too. Google it and have a look. What to do - basically keep your legs closed even when doing the deed which I can't anymore anyway lol (just too big and uncomfortable) and for example getting in and out of the bath just do movements slowly and gently and keep the legs together in general as much as possible! Oh and I should get a tummy support belt but I havent yet - bit naughty!! Hope this helps ladies....

Latest post at 15/02/2012 11:31:55
Hello Fellow Incubators!

How is everyone feeling? After a couple of weeks of awful 24/7 morning sickness and a dose of laryingitis, I am feeling great! I'll be 37wks on Friday so the countdown really has begun.

Despite having terrible back and hip pain throughout the pregnancy, I still have a good amount of mobility and energy (thankfully as my 2yr old DD moves at the speed of light!). I've gained minimal weight although I was carrying a little excess before I fell pregnant due to my PND (I tend to eat my feelings!) but am planning to get stuck into the exercise once I've recovered from labour. This really helped with my PND and I'll need to be fit to keep up with the demands of 2 munchkins. Hubby is away working a lot but I have some great friends and awesome neighbors who are always there when I need them. My mum arrives next week to help me get organized but I'm determined to have it done before she arrives.

This pregnancy has been a bit of a battle compared with the first but I'm trying to savor every moment of it in case it's the last (discussions for a third are definitely active but we'll see how we go). Both of my pregnancies occurred earlier than planned but we are super happy and extremely blessed at my ability to conceive by my husband just looking at me!!!

Look forward to hearing from everyone. xoxo

Latest post at 16/02/2012 14:41:50
hi everyone, just finished 36 weeks today - woooo!

Am due on 17th march and planning on starting maternity leave on 15th march - crazy i know but trying to squeeze out every day of my pathetically short maternity leave (45 calendar days!) with my baby! Am having to take almost all my annual leave plus a month unpaid too. Wonder if i will deliver early absolutely huge!

Have gained 15 kilos but had started about 8 kilos overweight anyway so not too good - hopefully can shift most of it after baby gets top it all off my brother is getting married 3rd week of april so i have to try and be back in some kind of shape by then..eeek!

have no clue what to wear for the wedding but must plan/decide before baby arrives as will be so busy after!

how is everyone this thread..

edited by Ayda247 on 16/02/2012

Latest post at 16/02/2012 16:36:42
Hi Ladies. I am 37 weeks now. Due on March 7th. Working up until March 1st...well hopefully! Am on weekly appointments now with Dr. Elsa in CityHospital. She gave me a quick internal exam on Wednesday and says she thinks baby will definitely come in March, not February which I am glad about!! Feeling good but looking forward to finishing work!!! I am taking a few months unpaid and then hope to return to work. Hope all you ladies are keeping well xx

Latest post at 16/02/2012 16:53:36
Hi Ladies

gingercat, I am also 37 weeks - due on the 8th! I am also hoping this baby stays put until then. I have my son's 4th birthday party next weekend, plus my Mom doesn't arrive until March 6th. So I am crossing my legs!

Also on weekly appointments now. The baby is sitting so high and hasn't engaged at all yet, so I am supposed to be doing 30 minute brisk walks every day to try and encourage the baby down into my pelvis. I haven't managed anything brisk in a while, so must get to it!

Anyone else's baby engaged yet? I know 2nd time round it can happen when labour begins and not way in advance like the first.

So nice to hear everyone's updates

Latest post at 16/02/2012 21:10:21
Hi all, nearly ticking over to 34 weeks now.

Had check up this week, got wicked scan time face to face with bubba, he poked tongue out a couple of times and we could see him actively moving his mouth up and down like he was eating. It was cool.

Dr Elsa checked me for the SPD pingu, I don't have it, but what could be causing the pressure around my groin region is the big fat varicose vein I have dwn there. On medication for that for the next month now.

Bp went for a hike yesterday ... Never had it like it was, I'm normally a low to normal bp range. Saw stars getting up too quickly, thought it was low pressure as when I was t drs it was very low, so I checked it with our machine a few times and was surprised to be at 124 over 89. That's hugely high for me! Lol.
Monitored today and I'm back down to 111 over 66. Bit more normal.

Am really struggling to keep up with DS1 he is so fast the cheeky monkey! The groin pain a bit much for chasing after him.
Wearing a belly belt now too which does provide some support but it's awful to sit down in as the Velcro at the back scratches me si much, not made that well. A friend has leant me another to try which I will give a go tomorrow.

All the very best with your births ladies. Xox

Latest post at 18/02/2012 22:58:29
Hi, I'm due March 20th but booked a C Section for March 11th at Medcare. My Ob's delivers there (Dr Yulia, Cooper Health Clinic). I had planned medically essential C Section last time in London (flew back there at 36 weeks) so this is my first real experience of hospitals here in Dubai! Im still not sure whether to have C Section or normal birth (VBAC). My section last time was so easy and i didnt feel too bad afterwards, but that was at St Thomas's in London and I'm not sure what it will be like here at Medcare! Does anyone have any experience at Medcare? What are the anaesthetists like there and nursing / midwives? My little boy is 16 months old so by the time no.2 comes he will be 17 months so pretty close but ive been told its ok to have normal birth, they will just monitor me closely and wont let me labor too long. Any advice on Medcare and if 17 months for a VBAC is too close?

Latest post at 19/02/2012 11:48:08
Hi Alilaslett

I haven't personally delivered at Medcare, but a good friend had both of her babies there and was very happy. They weren't by C-Section though.

Sorry not very helpful! You may want to post a seperate thread - you'll probably get more replies that way.

Congrats on your pregnancy!

Latest post at 19/02/2012 13:26:02
Hello Mummies!!!! Eek! And another week down - 38 weeks... going so quickly now!

Alilaslett - I delivered DS (2) at Medcare and about to deliver No. 2 there when she decides to make an appearance - but they have been natural births (well working on the assumption all will go according to plan with this one!!) I have had two friends deliver two children via c-section at Medcare, both were happy, and returned for their second one, so I suppose that is a good sign. As I always advise on these things however, is most of this is down to person choice, just make sure you have visited the facilities and are comfortable with what you will be offered etc. Basically, what I consider to be a 'good' experience, might be a nightmare for someone else, it just completely depends on your expectations IYKWIM.

I have actually spent some time at St Thomas's as well - I was living in London when I conceived so all my scans and check ups (pre 20 weeks) were there, plus I was at the waterbirth of my neice there. I think comparatively, you will find there is a 'higher touch' service in the hospitals here, it is almost like a bit of a hotel stay in the private hospitals here. I think the inside of medcare's facilities are nicer, but clearly not the same spectacular view and surroundings that you get at St Thomas's!

Sorry, I can't help on the VBAC thing, my understanding is that they like quite a good length of time to have passed between births, but I am not sure if 17 months falls within that guideline - I know 2 years is considered okay (a friend did this) - someone else might be able to help on this...

Anyway, welcome to the thread and good luck!!

Latest post at 21/02/2012 15:08:33
Believe it or not, ladies, i just got discharged from hospital for food poisoning for the THIRD TIME!

have had incredibly sensitive tummy this pregnancy..and before anyone asks me, no, it wasnt outside food, i just made a berry smoothie with low fat milk and frozen berries , put in it my flask to take to work the next day..not sure if this was it but i had HORRIBLE stomach cramps,vomiting and diarrhea (sorry TMI i know)..anyway ended up in emergency as usual and got admitted and put on drips overnight again for severe dehydration..sigh..even the nurses are telling me now ' next time we see you it better be in the labour ward!' lol...

alhamdula, depsite the food poisoning, peanut is still doing well so far and no cause for concern as per the doctor. Ladies, i am getting so tired now and feel like a huge water wedding ring wont come off as i have left it too late and i am SO ready to have this baby!

Roll on Week 38!!!
edited by Ayda247 on 21/02/2012
edited by Ayda247 on 21/02/2012

Latest post at 21/02/2012 21:42:18
Oh that sounds nasty Ayda247! I hope you are feeling much better now!

I too feel like a huge balloon, only a lead one! I'm still a little behind most you ladies too with being due 1st wk April but figure he will be a marchie.... Actually I'm hoping he will coz my pelvis and back aren't liking things very much.

My bp too is doing such weird things. When I'm at what others would call normal I feel like I've had red bull or like I'm going to faint. But when it's low, like 90 over 58-60 low, I feel totally fine. Last Wednesday I had 129 over 89 then 124 over 84 which really made me see stars, but it's come down now to 115-130ish over 66-72. As soon as I hit 117+ over 70ish I get that funny feeling. So weird.


Latest post at 22/02/2012 18:29:40
Sooooooooo....went for my weekly check up today. Last week she said no sign of anything happening anytime soon...Fast forward one week...she said head is very low down and engaged and that baby is not going to hang around....and I am 1cm dilated!!!! She is expecting the baby to come in less than a week!!! Am so excited....and a little scared!!! Bought Raspberry leaf tea yesterday and had my first cup last night.....can't be that can it!!!! lol

Latest post at 22/02/2012 21:25:19
wow, gingercat, that is soooo exciting! Can't remember what your EDD was? Are you late/early at the moment? Sounds like you will the first to pop!

I am 38 weeks today. Baby not engaged at all. I shall see what next week's appointment brings...

Latest post at 23/02/2012 17:10:02
EDD is March 7th....sorry in advance for TMI but..........had some greenish mucous in my underwear this morning....which seems to be in line with labour not being too far away....fingers crossed! Off to drink another cup of rlt

Latest post at 23/02/2012 19:50:02
Yes, chug that stuff down! Look forward to hearing your next update!

Latest post at 24/02/2012 18:20:09
My Doctor wants to see me at 8.30am on Tuesday as she thinks I will be ready then...I don't know. Lots of people seem to think I could be 1cm dilated for a while but Doctor seems very confident baby will be born within the week....will report back after Tuesday

Latest post at 26/02/2012 09:22:11
My EDD is 17th bump is hanging so low is starting to rub on my thighs when i sit down and is SO uncomfortable!

Last night DH rubbed some massage oil on it before bed and it felt much better..trick is to keep it heavily moisturized i think so it sort of slips and slides..gaaawwd...MOTHERHOOD!

This weekend we put together the crib bed in our looks so sweet there i must say..and every time DH comes into our room now he gives a double-take and says ' Bl**dy H*ll! this is really happening!' - LOL
edited by Ayda247 on 26/02/2012

Latest post at 26/02/2012 13:26:40
Ooooh GC how exciting! With my first, he was fully fixed, and my cervix softened and shortened at 29 weeks - so I was given steriod injections and put on bedrest until he arrived at just over 36 weeks - and they seriously thought he was going to come at the 30 week mark - so you might have a bit of time yet - or not! No-one really knows! Very, very exciting, I can't wait to hear!

Ayda247 - we keep on having reality checks that this one is arriving soon too!!! In a way it feels like we have been pregnant forever because I basically knew within a few days of conceiving that we were pregnant, but also, we have been so horrendously busy, it also feels like it has gone soooo quickly!

We are 39 weeks (give or take a day) - was expecting an early baby given DS's early arrival, but this one seems quite content continuing to cook - and I am quite happy for her to stay there for another week or two! I am absolutely exhausted - is anyone else like this??? I didn't make it this far last time, so have no idea what I am supposed to feel like at this point - but I could quite happily never get out of bed!! I am having to get up to pee like 8 times a night, which is also not helping with being tired I guess! I am still getting really bad morning sickness, but just in the mornings now, instead of throughout the whole day, so that is a bonus.

Will check in a bit more regularly now we are all so close! Can't wait to hear everyones BA and BS's!!!! Take care all! xxxx

Latest post at 28/02/2012 15:00:52
Well....seems baby has another few days No more dilation. Obviously a little disappointed initially as I had sort of got my hopes up. Doctor seemed so sure! Absolutely delighted that we are both healthy though and am happy to wait until baby's arrival! Would be funny if it was tomorrow!

Latest post at 28/02/2012 17:58:56
Thanks for the update gingercat. Either way, definitely not long to go now. I have my 39 week appointment tomorrow. I still don't think this baby has engaged at all yet! Buit I am not pusing for it, as my Mom doesn't arrive for another week! Hope she makes it on time!

TanyaR - I am knackered all the time now too and my bladder must be the size of a dirham because I am peeing all the time!

Ayda, your husband's reaction cracked me up! Also reminds me - must put together crib still!

Latest post at 29/02/2012 14:41:33
Had my check up this morn and am 2 cms dilated which is normal completing 38 weeks tomorrow inshalla!

God, is it just me or does everyone hate these vaginal exams? Doc did a swab as well today to check for Group B strep..

After measuring me she said I am measuring well beyond my fact I am measuring 42 weeks...eeeek! Because of this i will need to go for a scan to check the exact measurements of Peanut. If he/she is on the bigger side then my dream of attempting a VBAC this time is going to come to an abrupt end I don't really mind at this point...just want my baby here safely...

Just waiting for my insurance approval now so I can schedule this scan ASAP and find out whats what!

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