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5 Homemade Frozen Yoghurt Recipes To Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

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4 June 2017

5 Homemade Frozen Yoghurt Recipes

Whether it’s their guilt-free reputation, the creamy smooth texture or just the sweltering heat outside— we are LEGIT obsessed with fro-yo this summer. Why, you ask?

Because there is literally NO dessert out there that will make you feel good and satisfy the sweet tangy craving like frozen yoghurt will.

But despite our food crushing, most of the store-bought froyos don’t really help in the calorie department. They have added preservatives, sugar content and let’s not forget the candy toppings.

This Turkish Dessert Is SO Popular They Call It 'The Queen Of Ramadan Delicacies'

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4 June 2017

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Güllaç: The Rosy Turkish Dessert Of Ramadan Tables

The holy month of Ramadan brings an array of delicacies to various parts of the world: Atayef in the Middle East, Pakoras in South East Asia, Luqaimat in Saudi Arabia and Güllaç in Turkey.

This fluffy sweet dessert is SO popular among Turks that they often call it the 'Queen of Ramadan desserts'.

This Middle Eastern Dessert Is The Answer To Your Cheesiest Dreams

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3 June 2017

Kunafeh recipe

If the image of anything cheese-meltingly sweet makes you want to dance then get your grooves on, you’re in for a roll.

Say hello to Middle East’s cheesecake — kanafeh. A sweet, rich, crunchy and creamy cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugary syrup. Also referred to as kunafeh, kunafah, konafa or kanafeh (it’s all the same), this heavenly pastry is traditionally made of semolina, butter, palm oil.

Behold: The Magical Cake That Changes Colour

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29 May 2017

Colour changing cake

We’re kinda confused here; not sure whether to be impressed by a cake that changes colour or be revengeful because it looks like we’ve found the origin of the glorified rainbow trend.

It all started in 2015 when the avid baker and YouTuber, Charlotte Sometimes shared a short clip of a magical spinning cake that transforms colours depending on the angle it’s viewed from. And just like that, Charlotte (most probably) gave the world a trend to endlessly fuss about. In addition, she also created an easy to follow tutorial on how to create the stunning technique at home.

This Is How Cheesecake Was Made 200 Years Ago

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19 May 2017

Old age cheesecake recipe

Looking for a cheesecake recipe? How about giving a go to a recipe that’s almost 200 years old?

You may find it hard to believe but our great-great-grandparents had a better appetite for all the sweet cheesy things in life than ours. Their sweet tooth required some serious hard work, time and patience. Take a look at this interesting video by popular YouTube chef, Ann Reardon of @HowToCookThat channel and you’d know what we’re talking about.

The World’s First Official Nutella Café Is Finally Here

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17 May 2017

The World’s First Official Nutella Café Is Finally Here

It might have taken decades of persuasion BUT the world has finally been blessed with the first-ever Nutella café — dedicated to all things dipped, coated and topped with drizzles of hazelnut chocolate goodness.

Operated and owned by Ferrero, the makers of Nutella, the permanent cafe will open near Millennium Park, Chicago, USA. The doors to this chocolate heaven open at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, May 31. The company has worked hard to maintain an ambience where customers actually feel like they’re walking into a giant jar of Nutella.

Why DALLOYAU Should Be Your Go-To Place For French Cuisine

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15 May 2017

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Dalloyau UAE

When it comes to French dishes and patisserie expertise, DALLOYAU are undoubtedly the experts.

Founded way back in 1682, DALLOYAU emerged during the time that the French King, Louis XIV settled his Court at Versaillers. Ever since, DALLOYAU has used talent and experience going back over 300 years to create pastries, chocolates and delicious cooked dishes.

The Unicorn Shake Is FINALLY Available In Dubai

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12 May 2017

Unicorn Shake in Dubai

Everybody's Instagram was recently taken over by sprinkles, pink and rainbow-coloured treats thanks to the biggest food trend of 2017 - unicorn EVERYTHING.

And since Starbucks USA introduced their own version of a unicorn milkshake, we've been eager to get our paws around our own cup of deliciousness here in the United Arab emirates.

Now, thanks to the GoNuts food truck located on Palm Jumeirah, we can now try a unicorn milkshake for ourselves.

11 Delectable Middle Eastern Desserts

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22 April 2017

 Middle Eastern Desserts

Anyone new to or living in the region MUST experience the many delicious Arabic desserts and Middle Eastern dishes on offer here.

If you don't believe us... Stop everything and close your eyes — think of the most heavenly melt-in-your-mouth delicious dessert you’ve ever eaten? Got it? Now forget that. Because we promise you, these Middle Eastern desserts will take spot no.1 on your list.

5 Foodie Ways to Say ‘I Love You Mom’

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21 March 2017

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March 21, it’s Mother’s Day today. But to be fair, there can’t be enough days to celebrate the woman who carried you for 9 months. You may not admit this but she has been your best friend, your mentor and your guide — long before you were born.

So stop what you’re doing and start planning to tell her how much she means to you. And we say you start with food.