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This Couple Bakes The Creepiest Cakes You'll Ever See IRL

Posted on

29 May 2017

Sideserf Cake sculptures

Desserts, in general, are expected to be pleasing, pretty and adorable but that's all a thing of the past. One talented Texas couple is breaking the food stereotypes by creating jaw-droppingly REAL ( and creepy) cakes.

Meet Natalie and Dave Sideserf, the couple who’ve proudly made hundreds of people bite into the backside of a unicorn, a bleeding human heart and heads.

Katy Perry Makes The World's Best Cherry Pie

Posted on

2 May 2017

Katy Perry cherry pie

Katy Perry is seriously into cherry pies these days and TBH we LOVE IT!

From baking her go-to dessert recipe to giving out boxes in a cherry-perfect outfit — the pop star is making sure people remember her version of the good old dessert.

The 'Chained to the Rhythm' hit maker recently debuted her brand new single titled 'Bon Appetit' - hence the sudden need to turn into a chef.

This Is Hugh Jackman's Favourite Dessert

Posted on

29 April 2017

Hugh Jackman's favourite dessert

In case you need one more reason to fall hopelessly in love with the endearing man-beast we know as Logan — then be prepared to cue a major aww-worthy moment cause we're about to tell you his favourite dessert.

The Wolverine actor recently posted a photo of the handwritten recipe for his mum’s "Hughby’s Favorite Crème Caramel Cake" with the hashtag #throwbackthursday and then “Thanks Mum!”

Black Charcoal Ice Cream Is The Internet’s Revenge From Everything Rainbow

Posted on

28 April 2017

Black charcoal ice cream

Here’s a special shout-out to all those who LOVE ice cream but don’t want to feel cute about it: An ice cream shop in LA, Little Damage has created the most Gothic ice cream you could wish for.

This cold dark dessert is custom-made for every soul who always sides with the bad guys, prefers black for celebration and stays 200 km away from the infamous unicorn trend.

What makes these ice creams blacker than the evil queen's soul?

Rubik's Cakes Are The Sweetest Puzzle You'll Set Your Eyes On

Posted on

19 April 2017

Rubik's Cakes

Your fun with mathematics is about to get impossibly delicious with Rubik's cakes — yes, they’re a thing and we’re in love with them.

Remember all the frustrating times when you couldn’t get all colours to match up? If you’re into baking then making a Rubik's cake is your only chance to get all the frustration out and EAT it.

5 Insanely Sweet South Asian Desserts

Posted on

8 April 2017

South Asian Desserts

South Asians take their food seriously and their desserts, even more so. These sweet treats — served and eaten by millions in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are not just baked and served but prepared after hours of kneading, mixing and grinding.

These exotic sweet delights are more than just satisfaction for a sweet tooth. Mostly prepared during Muslim religious festivals like Ramadan, Eid ul-Fitr and Isra and Mi’raj, these sugar-dripping desserts represent a sense of bliss and gratitude. A bond of shared merriment and customs.