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6 of Lady Gaga’s Beauty Looks as She Announces Her Make-Up Line

Her new brand Haus Laboratories will be available on Amazon in September

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11 July 2019

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6 of Lady Gaga’s Biggest Beauty Looks

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Joining the ranks of Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga is the latest celebrity to announce she’s launching her own beauty brand.

“The last thing the world needs is another beauty brand… well, that’s too bad,” Gaga says with her signature irreverence in the teaser video for the brand, called Haus Laboratories.

Gaga (real name Stefani Germanotta) spoke about the launch with the Business of Fashion, giving us a hint of what we can expect from Haus Laboratories. She says: “Colour is completely transformative — it’s powerful, it’s beautiful, and it’s how I found my voice with makeup.”

She adds: “I’m sure as hell not going to put out a beauty brand that is going to drive insecurity and fear into people. This is about liberation.”

Unusually, Gaga will be selling her make-up on Amazon, making it the first beauty brand to launch exclusively on the site. According to Business of Fashion, the first drop will include multi-use colour for cheeks, eyes and lips in six shade families, and you can buy all three for $49 (AED179.97). Pre-orders will begin on July 15, and the products will be available to buy in September.

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Gaga has always been an innovator both in her fashion and her beauty looks, so it’s not a real shock that she’s branching out in this way. Here are some of her best and boldest looks which show just how much of a make-up chameleon she is…

1. Extra eyelashes

Extra eyelashes

Gaga was a co-host of the Met Gala this year, so obviously she pulled out all the stops on the red carpet. She wore a grand total of four different outfits before even stepping inside, but that’s not what really grabbed our attention.

Instead, we were transfixed by her long, gold and hilariously extra eyelashes which were a perfect fit for both Gaga and the ‘camp’ theme of the night. She even added diamantes underneath her eyes, just in case golden mega-lashes weren’t enough.

2. Simple and bright

Simple and bright

Gaga is known for her outlandish sense of style, but she’s constantly changing up her look. When on the press tour for her movie A Star is Born, she showed us how well she can pare back her make-up and make her skin glow.

Simple and bright

So perhaps Haus Laboratories products will be as suitable for creating a natural make-up look, as well as something zanier.

3. More is more

Sure, Gaga might be able to do nude and natural make-up well, but let’s face it: we’re really here for the wacky looks.

Wacky looks

Whether it’s clashing colours, heavy eyeliner or a bold lip, the best thing about Gaga is she’s not afraid to use make-up. Considering her long career of experimenting with her beauty looks – and changing it up almost daily – she’s perfectly placed to launch her own line.

When she wants to, Gaga can ooze as much Hollywood glamour as she likes. She knows exactly what kind of bright red lip will go with her platinum hair, and adds a smokey eye or some liquid eyeliner to complete the look.

When she does her make-up like this, you can really see why some people think she looks like Marilyn Monroe.

5. Rainbow colours

Knowing Gaga, there will definitely be some highlighter colours available to buy in her make-up range. She has shown a love for bright yellows and pinks in her beauty looks, and she’s definitely not afraid to clash colours together.

This might not be everyday thing (that is, depending on your job), but it’s certainly one way to jazz up a night out.

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Gaga loves adding crystals to her make-up, and shows us how to do so to varying degrees of extra-ness. This could range from anything from a demure bedazzled cat-eye to half of her face covered in jewels.

It sums up Gaga’s approach to make-up and beauty: having fun and standing out.