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How To Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

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26 July 2018

Beat the heat in Dubai: Protect Hair from the sun

When it comes to sun protection we have our skin covered (literally in SPF 50), but we often forget about our hair and scalp –which can lead to brittle hair and a burnt scalp. Living in a hot climate, it’s especially important to consider sun damage to our hair and adapt our beauty routine to beat the heat in Dubai.

6 Face Mists That Are Worth The Money

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18 July 2018

The Best Face Mists To Beat The Dubai Heat

Living in Dubai, you may feel as if you’ve tried every cooling beauty product on offer; mask, face mist and more –nothing seems to beat the heat! But, there are still some face mists which hydrate, refresh and keep your makeup in place throughout the hot summer months. Trust us; they’re not just expensive bottles of water!

12 Of The Best Beauty Products With SPF

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3 April 2018

SPF beauty and makeup in Dubai

With the Dubai heat rising, including sun protection in your beauty routine is essential. However finding makeup which protects your skin from sun damage, without comprising on beauty, can be difficult. That’s why we’ve highlighted our pick of the best SPF beauty products that you can buy at UAE online beauty stores.

6 Amazing Foundations That Won't Melt In The Dubai Heat

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20 March 2018

Foundations That Won’t Melt In The Dubai Heat

Choosing makeup for Dubai’s heat can be tough, and we’re only in March –the worst is still to come! So it’s key to choose a long lasting heatproof foundation which stays put in the UAE’s extreme summer heat.

We’ve all been there. Slaved for hours perfecting our make up for Friday brunch in Dubai, only for our foundation (arguably the most important thing) to melt off and leave us looking patchy, grrrrrr!

5 Ways To Sweatproof Your Makeup In Dubai's Heat

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16 August 2017

5 Ways To Sweat-Proof Your Makeup

Summer has long been officially here and while the sun may be a welcome sight in some parts of the world, it certainly isn’t in the UAE.

Most of us would like nothing more than to go bare-faced without layers of makeup in the scorching heat but the sad truth is, not all of us are blessed with flawless skin. If the sweaty glow was a trend, we'd be killing it. But it isn't, so in comes the makeup.

How To Make Your Makeup Stay Perfect In Dubai's Crazy Heat

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7 August 2017

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How To Make Your Makeup Last All Day

If you have done a full face of makeup only to have it melt the minute you stepped out of your house, you are not alone. This is Dubai's crazy heat for you! However, your makeup does not have to suffer the consequences of 40°C+ temperatures.