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6 Winter Holiday Locations To Satisfy Skiers And Non-Skiers Alike

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19 December 2018

Winter Holiday Locations

Ah, the sights and sounds of the ski season. The wind rushing through your hair; the panoramic views of imperious mountain vistas; the exhilaration of nailing a tricky black run. And, of course, the terrified screams of an unwilling newbie crashing headlong into a snowdrift.

For enthusiasts, skiing feels incomparably liberating and comes almost as second nature, but for sceptics it runs counter to every human instinct they possess.

Chilled Out Winter Stays: 5 Of The Best Igloo Hotels

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16 December 2018

Igloo Hotels

When snow starts to fall, it’s tempting to stoke up a fire – but for a true winter experience, sometimes there’s nothing better than embracing the cold. For centuries, Inuit communities lived in houses built of snow, which – surprisingly – kept them warm.

Reviving the romance of sleeping in structures made of ice, several hotels now offer guests an opportunity to book into igloos for the night.

Whether you want the authentic experience or a modern-day glass interpretation, these are the coolest ones to choose…

15 Most Haunted Hotels In The World

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18 October 2018

World's most haunted hotels

If you fancy sharing a room with phantoms and spirits this Halloween, then we have the perfect spot for you!

Believe it or not, travellers pay good money to stay in spooky places. Whether you like a fright or you want to know all about haunted histories, the world’s scariest hotels are actually travel hot-spots –and not just in October!

From creepy castles to eerie settings, here are the 15 most haunted hotels in the world…beware of the ghost!

Inside The Ultimo — The World’s First Zodiac Hotel

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24 May 2017

The Ultimo — The World’s First Zodiac Hotel

You can baulk at the idea of zodiac signs and scoff at the thought of themed hotels but that’s all going to change — as soon as you enter The Ultimo, the world’s first ever astrology-centric hotel.

Located in in the Chinatown district in Sydney, Australia, The Ultimo hotel is a project of Australian hotel group, 8Hotels, built on a heritage listed building. The building was refurbished in October 2016 with 95 rooms across seven room categories, including Ultimo Single (most affordable) to Ultimo Courtyard (most luxurious).

Inside Prague’s 70 m High One-Room Luxury Hotel

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26 January 2017

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The idea of living in a tower — isolated from the outside world seems rather depressing until you see Prague’s Tower Park Praha — a one-room luxury hotel that offers absolute privacy and a breath-taking panoramic view of Prague.

The Tower Park Praha is a reconstructed plush cabin inside the city’s television tower that offers tourists a peaceful escape from their chaotic life. Guests can experience the beauty of Prague 70-meters up in the sky. The television tower building rises dramatically above the ancient Prague skyline.