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Floral Dresses Fit For a Royal This Summer

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30 June 2019

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Floral Dresses Fit For a Royal For Summer

Florals for summer? Here's how you can make it work

Fashion is nothing short of glamorous for royal women. Princesses, queens, duchesses arrive at conferences, galas, charity events, etc. dressed to perfection, and even when they turn to something classic like a chic floral dress, their looks still inspire trends to come. Not even Miranda Priestly can say anything.

And while dreamily admiring their gorgeous #OOTDs this summer is fun, us commoners want something a bit more accessible than what the royal ladies like the Duchess of Cambridge are used to.

5 Hated Fashion Trends That Are (Unfortunately) Back

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5 May 2017

Fashion Trends making a comeback

Fashion trends come with an expiry date built into their very definition, but style, is of course, timeless. What was frowned upon yesterday might be crashing Google searches today (Hello, mom jeans).

BUT there are still a handful of trends that gave us shudders the first time around — and they are back in style. From kitten heels to jorts (jeans+shorts), here’s a list of 5 such fashion statements that should have taken a backseat along with Britney Spears' fandom.