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5 Films And TV Shows To Inspire Your Travel Plans In 2019

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27 January 2019


A trip to the cinema is pure escapism, with special effects and epic locations transporting us to many other worlds. Some scenes are so impactful, they even inspire viewers to visit locations, giving rise to a tourism trend coined ‘set-jetting’.

So which films and TV are likely to shape our travel plans in 2019?

According to flight booking engine, these visual narratives are likely to put particular destinations on the map.

5 Wellbeing Holidays To Kickstart Your 2019 Health Regime

Posted on

21 January 2019

Wellbeing Holidays

A new year is a good excuse to seek a ‘new you’, but making major lifestyle changes in the depths of a depressing winter can be challenging. Whether your goals focus on fitness, improved sleep patterns or general peace of mind, starting the process away from home is often easier.

Fortunately, more and more resorts and operators are offering spa and wellbeing mini breaks, tackling a multitude of concerns.

In need of a mental or physical makeover? Some of these holidays might be just the inspiration you need...

The 10 ‘Must-Photograph’ Spots Around The World To Put On Your ‘To-Insta’ List

Posted on

15 January 2019

‘Must-Photograph’ Spots Around The World

If you haven’t got the photos to prove it, have you even really been?

Travel photography has moved on apace in recent times. Gone are the days of the sit-down ‘holiday picture viewing’, when families gathered unwillingly in darkened rooms to sit through slide shows of granny’s trip to Blackpool.

Luxury Relaxation With A Tyrolean Twist

Posted on

13 January 2019

Luxury Relaxation

Casually treading water in Astoria Resort’s heated outdoor infinity pool, face tilted skyward (eyes closed of course – it’s a very bright, sunny day, plus closing your eyes adds to that air of bliss one must fully adopt at spas), a rosy glow colours my cheeks. The skin-tingling winter air is probably about 80% responsible for this. The other 20%? Oh, that’ll be shameless smug delight.

When it’s out-and-out pampering you’re after, a spa break is the obvious answer. But this is 2019 – ‘obvious’ just won’t cut it.

7 Things You Always Think When You Get Your Airline Meal

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10 January 2019

Airline Food

Plane food doesn’t exactly have the best of reputations, but United Airlines is banking on it having a fair few fans. It’s released a cookbook of its onboard recipes, so you can recreate the experience at home for just $29.99 (£23.50 / AED 110).

But be warned – if you do rustle up some of these meals, they might not taste quite like when you’re up in the air. When flying in high altitude, your senses are a bit messed up – this means things don’t smell or taste exactly like when you’re on the ground.