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What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

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27 November 2017

What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

There is something magical about a winter wedding, whether it’s the spirit of the festive season, the glitz and glamour of the New Year or a snowy fairy-tale wedding venue. But, now the dilemma…what do guests wear to a winter wedding?

Typically winter weddings are in cold venues (unless you get married in Dubai) and finding the balance between wearing a cute cocktail dress and staying warm can often be difficult. Therefore, winter weddings mean long sleeves, heavy embroidery, plush textures and jewel tones.

What Your Wedding Dress Colour Says About You

Posted on

3 August 2017

Wedding Gown Colours & Their Hidden Meanings

White wedding gowns are classy, elegant and let’s just say it — cliché.

We’re probably going to get a lot of flak after this but the fact is, not all of us resonate with white-wedding perfection. For some, it’s all about making a bold statement or simply having loads of food and wine. In both the cases, white isn’t the right choice.

If you think for a moment, even fairy-tale princesses get to choose their own wedding dress colours, Belle wears yellow and Ariel wears aqua — so why should we conform to the rules?

This Is How Much An Average Bride Spends On Her Wedding Dress

Posted on

20 April 2017

Wedding dress budget

Saying yes to a dress is (almost) like saying yes to a guy — you need courage, love at first sight and the conviction to make it yours. But there is one thing you need more— money, loads and loads of money. There is a gaping hole between what a bride-to-be desires and what she can afford.

Regardless of the size of the wedding, there’s always a budget restriction on the dress. For some, it’s a choice between Vera Wang and Reem Acra; for others, it’s a question of thriftily creating a designer copy.