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Latest post on 11 March 2015 - 12:55

Hi All,

Been searching up threads on Athens but the majority of them seem to be from around 2011/2012 when things were going really badly there. I understand things aren't much better economy-wise now...but has anyone been recently and able to comment on safety etc?

I'm going this weekend so just thought I'd put out some last minute feelers so I can be as prepared as possible!

Also would really value any sightseeing advice or restaurant recommendations!

Thanks :)

Latest post on 11 March 2015 - 14:13
Not much to say for tourism but in terms of safety, my friend was there last week and had no problems as well. Just be careful about your belongings (wallet, phone etc) as you would in any city. Enjoy!
Latest post on 11 March 2015 - 14:02
I was there last May or June (so not super recently, but I've been there three times since the woes began, & once during protests, all without issue) and it was fine. Just be watchful in the same way you would in any city. As for a dining recommendation, I would suggest Aleria. Fantastic food and very interesting little spot. Lots of quirky design elements done very well. Lots of character. There's so much to see, I could write a book (and have indeed written about Greece quite a bit in my blog and for CNT) but the place itself is just so bursting with history, you hardly need pointers. It's just everywhere. Walk, walk, walk and you'll take a great deal in. ETA: for great views of the Acropolis while dining or drinking, head to King George Hotel and Grande Bretagne Hotel, both in Syntagma Square (+ nice shopping nearby in Kolonaki). Tudor Hall @ King George for good food and views; GB Roof Garden @ Grande Bretagne for drinks and views. <em>edited by laurelm on 11/03/2015</em>