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Dubai Eateries Must Display Calorie Count on Menus

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18 May 2019

Dubai Eateries Must Display Calorie Count on Menus

A new rule has been set in Dubai, which aims to help diners to choose food that suits their health needs.

Cafeterias, cafes and restaurants with more than five branches will now legally have to disclose the number of calories on all ready-to-eat-food and menu items.

The change will come into effect in November 2019, and by January 2020 all other restaurants, catering establishments and hotels are to follow suit.

Significance of Eating Right During the Holy Month of Ramadan

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28 April 2019

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Significance of Eating Right During the Holy Month of Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and fasting during this holy month is one of the five pillars of the Islamic religion.

To fast, Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking activities from Dusk to Dawn. Iftars mark the end of fasting at Dusk. When the sun goes down, families and friends typically gather around a table of lavish feasts. While iftars are an enjoyable experience, they can be daunting for people trying to maintain good eating habits during this holy month.

The Best Dubai Easter Brunches for 2019

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10 April 2019

Easter in Dubai 2019

Easter is almost upon us, so time to gather the family and make plans!

This year, Easter falls on Sunday, April 21 - and while that might be a working day for us here in the UAE, there's actually a lot of things happening to mark the occasion on the weekend preceding the day.

From an Easter egg hunt to a crackin' Easter-themed brunch, we've hand-picked some of the best deals and family-friendly Easter brunches in Dubai to enjoy together this April.

Save 10% On Your Next Healthy Meal in Dubai

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17 March 2019

Save 10% on Your Next Healthy Meal in Dubai

From fresh ingredients, to Chef curated recipes to ready-to-eat healthy meals...

Lets Cook provides weekly meals, fresh ingredients and recipes that you can enjoy, all delivered to your doorstep. They ensure that ingredients are hand-picked and are of the highest quality.

They bring years of culinary experience to your kitchen and aim to make your cooking experience easy, delicious and one to remember.

El Sur Introduces a Competitively Priced Fiesta and Siesta Brunch

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28 February 2019

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Brunch in Dubai | El Sur

The contemporary Spanish restaurant located at The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi has re-invented their brunch and slashed the prices.

Offering two new concepts that welcomes both those looking for an up-beat party atmosphere and those who prefer to kick back and relax.

Bringing the flavours of Spain to the heart of Dubai, both brunches feature the best of the restaurant’s revamped menu, including a tempting array of tapas, paella and rice dishes that truly showcase Spanish culture and cuisine. The new bunches will launch on the 1st and 2nd of March 2019.

Everything You Need To Know About The World Restaurant Award 2019 Winners

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20 February 2019

The World Restaurant Award 2019 Winners

If you’re bored of the usual food-award accolades, like ‘Chef of the Year’, and the bestowing of stars, as designated by a tyre manufacturer, the new World Restaurant Awards are hoping to shake things up.

The aim of the founders – including Joe Warwick, who co-founded The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list – is to “celebrate restaurants as culture, considered in the same way as film, art and music”.

This means acknowledging restaurants for the likes of atmosphere and their house special, or for having the most captivating Instagram account.

Combining the Magic of Food and Literature: Meet Kate Young

Posted on

13 February 2019

Kate Young at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2019

If you were to ask us what are two things we adore most in life, food and literature would most definitely be in the top five...

But we'd have never thought to combine those two loves - unlike Kate Young.

The award-winning food writer and cook is a dedicated bookworm, and her reading inspires her in the kitchen. After mastering the treacle tart from Harry Potter, Kate began blogging her creations and in 2017, received the Blogger of the Year title by the Guild of Food Writers.

5 Turk-Aways to Save You Time and Money This Christmas

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19 December 2018

Turkey takeaways in Dubai 2018

Leave the cooking to the pros this Christmas...

Every year, friends and family gather around the roasted turkey beautifully displayed on the dinner table on December 25th. And more often than not, it's the result of hours of hard-work, slaving over a hot oven.

But what if we told you THIS year you don't have to cook your own Christmas dinner!?

The beauty of life in Dubai means 5* hotels and restaurants will actually cook your turkey - AND all the trimmings - for you, so you don't have to waste hours of your Christmas day in the kitchen.