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You Can Now Buy Greggs In The UAE

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10 October 2017

Greggs in UAE - Where to buy Greggs in UAE

This latest news is like music to our ears - well, for the Brits amongst us - as it's been revealed that Greggs products are now available in UAE!

Yes Greggs in the UAE has been a dream of many of ours for a long time now, we're sure. But now the long wait is over, as Britain's most popular high-street food outlet is now within reaching distance in the UAE.

Well... At least, it's products are. While there's no full Greggs outlet yet, the famous chain baker's products are available in a store in Abu Dhabi.

Dry Night for Eid Al Adha 2017 Confirmed

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24 August 2017

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Dry night in Dubai for Eid Al Adha 2017

The dates for Eid Al Adha 2017 in Dubai and the UAE have been confirmed, after authorities in Saudi Arabia announced that the first day of Eid Al Adha will fall on Friday 1st September, 2017.

Eid Al Adha follows a day after Arafat Day on August 31st, 2017.

Consequently, no alcohol will be served in Dubai and UAE restaurants, bars and nightclubs as it will be a dry night for 24 hours.

11 Food Items That Have Been Banned In Dubai School Canteens

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20 August 2017

 Food Items Banned In Dubai School Canteens

As a parent, you're probably doing everything in your power to ensure a healthy and balanced diet for your kids at home. But despite all your efforts, the unsupervised and often unhygienic junk food consumed at school canteens still plays a major role in your child's eating patterns.

Taking strict actions against this issue, The Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality and the Dubai Health Authority have published a guidance manual to improve the nutritional standard of food served or sold in schools.

The 4 Best Fish N Chips Spots In Dubai

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31 July 2017

 Eat Fish N Chips In Dubai

Crispy golden from the outside, moist and succulent from inside — when done right, nothing says London better than a piping hot plate of fish n chips.

With so many British expats around, Dubai has its fair share of famous fish n chips spots. But not all of them will give you the traditional steaming hot helping of this feel-good dish.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best fish n chips spots in Dubai, bound to remind you of London.

Experience An Unlimited Taste Of India at Chor Bazaar

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27 July 2017

Experience An Unlimited Taste Of India!

Just like the famous Mumbai flea market, whose name it bears, Chor Bazaar offers an array of beautifully crafted Indian dishes. The best part is - you don't have to limit yourself to only one at a time!

Pick and choose any item from our extensive menu and discover the world of traditional Indian flavours with our Unlimited Tasting Menu - freshly prepared all night long!

AED 155 - with soft beverages
AED 255 - with house beverages

Offered daily from 7.00PM until 11.00PM

Top 5 Biryani Spots In Dubai & Sharjah

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26 July 2017

Top 5 Biryani in Dubai

Of all the good things in South Asia — biryani continues to rule millions of hearts across the globe. This symbolic dish is more of a phenomenon than a mere food item.

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t love the scrumptious blend of meat, rice and spices, especially in the UAE where you can find at least 20 types of biryanis at every street shop.

Iris Yas Island's Ladies Night Every Wednesday

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26 July 2017

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Iris Yas Island Ladies Night Every Wednesday

Iris Yas Island plays host to the capitals best Ladies Night, every Wednesday from 9PM till late. It’s the perfect recipe for the ultimate girls night out: complimentary drinks, sweet summer sounds, and unparalleled views.

Schedule some girl time at #IrisIndoors every Wednesday as we host our award winning ladies night with sounds by Paul Svenson

The 3 Golden Rules Of Dining Out By Gordon Ramsay

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1 July 2017

The 3 Golden Rules of Dining Out By Gordon Ramsay

You may follow him purely for his scathing foul-mouthed insults but that’s not what makes Ramsay Gordon one of the top chefs in the world. With three Michelin stars under his apron and fancy restaurants in London, America, Italy, France, Qatar, Hong Kong and Dubai, the British celebrity chef can be trusted to know the A-Z of dining out.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Gordon revealed his three golden rules for getting the best out of a dining experience. Scroll down to get a few tips for your next dine-out session.

Top 5 Places To Eat Sushi In Dubai

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25 June 2017

5 Top Places To Eat Sushi In Dubai

If we could rate our favourite Japanese things, sushi would rule the list. And judging from our social feeds so far, 2017 has been pretty focused on experimenting with this delicate delight.

Sushi has been reshaped, renamed and mixed with a variety of other food items. Cake, pies, burgers, burritos — you name it and they have it. But no food collaboration comes close to the authentic taste of rice, seaweed and fish wrapped together in bite-size deliciousness.

Dubai's Brand New Food Market Looks Like An Airport

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20 June 2017

Dubai's Waterfront Food Market

Dubai is now home to perhaps the classiest food market of the world.

Last week, the city bid adieu to one of its oldest attractions, Deira Fish Market but this sad news was quickly eclipsed by the brand new opening of the Waterfront Market near Hamriya Port.

Bigger, better, cleaner with a lot more than just seafood to offer, Waterfront Market looks like a foodie's version of paradise.

It’s like food shopping in a classy shopping mall with no seafood odour.