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Get A Classic French Braid in 3 Minutes

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16 October 2016

French Braid Tutorial

A french braid is an easy way to add softness and feminity to your look. From messy and loose to tight and sleek, braids of all sorts here to stay. Done correctly, braids can be understated enough for brunch, yet elegant enough for a cocktail party. If celebs can rock these cool 'dos from dusk till dawn, then so can you. You just have to brush up on your braiding skills. Check out this easy–to-do classic French braid tutorial by Lauren and Kristin of the Beauty Department to learn the art of french-braiding in a matter of minutes.

Tips To Prevent Hair Fall

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13 October 2016

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How to prevent hair fall

On an average, a woman loses 50-150 strands of hair in a single day. It works like this – 90% of your hair, at any given time, is in the growing phase – the remaining 10% falls out. You can determine if your hair fall is normal by taking about 60 strands of hair in your hand and running your fingers through them. If 5-8 strands fall – your hair fall is normal. However, if more than 15 strands fall - it means more than 10% of your hair is falling out. Here are some tips that can help prevent hair fall: