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Is the Cordless BaByliss 9000 Hair Straightener Worth the Hype?

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11 September 2019

This Cordless Hair Straightener is Hugely Hyped

When posts started appearing on the BaByliss Instagram account promising nothing less than ‘a new era in hair styling’, my interest was piqued to say the least.

What could it be? A hairdryer to rival the Dyson? A curling wand that delivers perfect waves?

But it turned out BaByliss was hinting at something I’ve always wanted, but never believed could be perfected: a cordless straightener.

Is The ‘Clavicle Bob’ Going To Be The Biggest Haircut of Autumn?

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8 September 2019

Is the ‘Clavicle Bob’ Going to be the Biggest Haircut of Autumn?

Like so many of us, actor Ashley Benson has got a serious case of itchy feet at the end of summer and felt the urge to mix up her look.

And what better way to herald in a new season than a fresh haircut? With the help of hairstylist Marc Mena, Benson has gone for a lob – a long bob. The look is what Mena calls a “clavicle bob” – short enough to be called a bob, but long enough to graze your collarbone.

9 Nourishing Coconut Beauty Products for Your Hair and Body

Posted on

20 August 2019

9 Nourishing Coconut Beauty Products for Your Hair and Body

Supermodels and celebs swear by coconut oil for a wealth of purposes, from removing eye make-up to moisturising dry shins.

The tropical fruit with the sweet-smelling flesh and refreshing juice has numerous beauty benefits, which is why it’s been harnessed in a host of new products, giving a nourishing boost to everything from fake tan to waxing strips.

12 Beautiful On-Trend Hair Accessories to Transform Your Look

Posted on

17 July 2019

Hair accessories that will complete any outfit

Pearl hairpins worn across your hairline is one of this summer's biggest looks.

Whether you're having a bad hair day or getting bored with your favourite outfits, there is one easy way to effortlessly complete your look this season. And that's hair accessories.

The most basic of outfits can be transformed with a new hairpiece and thankfully this summer, the trends are big on feminine hair poufs, headbands, and clips. Scrunchies are even making a comeback.

Giant Scrunchies are About to Become Summer’s Hottest Hair Trend

Posted on

16 July 2019

Giant Scrunchies are About to Become Summer’s Hottest Hair Trend

If you thought the Return of the Scrunchie was going to be short-lived – a flash in the pan throwback to a simpler time when the coolest hairdo in the world involved a crimper and a velvet hair band – we’re afraid you were wrong.

The Eighties accessory trend is growing – literally – with the arrival of supersized scrunchies which are proving popular with some very stylish Instragrammers, like New York based fashion influencer Kat Hsu (aka @iamtheflowerthief) and French stylist Andréa Ottaviani (@andreaetlou).

Texturising Sprays That Can Survive the Summer Heat

Posted on

2 July 2019

Best texturising sprays for summer

Be primed and ready for summer's high temperatures with these delicious texturising sprays for your locks.

If the rising heat and humidity are leaving your hair a little lifeless recently, it might be time to add a texturising spray to your beauty routine.

Ready to accentuate your hairs natural shape, a good formula should add definition to your hair to give you that lived in, cool-girl look.

Hair Mists Are The New Way to Wear Your Fragrance

Posted on

16 June 2019

Best hair mists and hair perfumes to try

Leave your hair refreshed and smelling divine with one of these hair mists.

There's a new product you need to add to your hair care routine - scented hair mists. Why? They're lightweight multitaskers that do so much more than just leave your locks smelling nice.

After-all, spritzing your hair with your favourite perfume is a no-no, as they can dry out your hair due to their alcohol content. On the flip side, the oiliness of your daily fragrance can leave your freshly washed hair greasy.