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Scalp Care to Onion Juice - 9 Ways to Boost Your Hair Health

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30 December 2018

Ways to boost your hair health

Cooler weather, plus weeks of partying, bad diet and not enough sleep means winter can be a recipe for hair disaster.

So, with January's arrival, there's no better time to give your tresses some TLC.

That doesn’t mean a complete overhaul of your routine – depending on the state of your locks all it takes is a couple of tweaks to get them back to optimal condition.

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Lady Gaga Just Debuted the Biggest Hair Colour Trend of 2019

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23 December 2018

Lady Gaga debuted biggest hair trend of 2019

Lady Gaga is known for her on stage beauty transformations, running the gamut from avant-garde artiste to glamour goddess and grungy rock chick.

But it’s the pop star’s latest off-duty look that has got fans excited, after her fiancé posted a picture on Instagram showing her with lilac hair.

The photo, which Christian Carino captioned ‘fountain of kindness’, shows the usually blonde singer in front of a fountain wearing a black leather jacket and Iron Maiden T-shirt, and has already got more than 19,000 likes in just a day.

How To Get And Maintain Icy Blonde Hair

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29 November 2018

How To Get And Maintain Icy Blonde Hair

A new season often makes us want to mix up our look. If you’re still wondering what change you should make, luckily Hilary Duff is here to give you some hair inspiration.

Duff is the latest celebrity to don the ‘winter white’ look, with an icy blonde hue that is perfect for wintertime.

But, before you transform your hair from dark to platinum blonde –you should know, it isn’t the easiest change to make. We spoke to the experts to find out everything you need to know if you’re also looking to make a seasonal hair switch…

10 Haircuts You Need To Try In 2018

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3 January 2018

The biggest hair trends of 2018

The shoulder length lob of 2017 is being replaced by the blunt bob with bangs, as celebrity hairstylists have predicted the biggest hair trends of 2018.

This year your go-to trim may feel a little stale, as stats read that we’ll be bolder in 2018 with more dramatic haircuts and styles. From Katie Holmes’ lengthened pixie cut, to extra-long Char hair, 2018 will be a year of beauty extremes.

This Is How You Can Get Rid Of Split Ends WITHOUT Trimming Your Hair

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21 February 2017

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Get Rid Of Split Ends WITHOUT Trimming Your Hair

We are gonna keep it real with you. There is absolutely no way to fix split ends except to cut them off. No special hair mask, treatment or potion is going to make split ends whole again.

Now that you are aware of his cold hard beauty truth, let us tell you that getting rid of your split ends does not mean sacrificing the length of your hair. Say hello to hair dusting.

The World's First Colour-Changing Hair Dye Is Insanely Cool

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21 February 2017

image credit: theunseenalchemist/Instagram

Kylie Jenner and her army of hair experts can pout and sulk all they want. Her blue-in-the-morning and blonde-in-the-evening hair looks are (almost) within the reach of an average Joe — all thanks to Lauren Bowker.

Known as ‘The Alchemist’ within the fashion circle, Bowker’s London-based firm, The Unseen, has patented a colour-changing technology — Fire, that reacts to the shift in temperature and environment. When we say colour change, don’t think of your regular ombre or tone variations — think BIG. Think white to black, silver to blue and black to yellow.