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5 Most Instagrammable Places You Can Stay Around The World

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21 March 2019

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Riad Goloboy, Marrakech, Morocco

When you’re sitting at your desk on a dreary weekday, you’re hardly likely to start snapping photos for Instagram. Let’s face it – the best pics really come when you’re on holiday, seeing new and amazing things.

Yes, Instagram does come with its problems – it’s highly aspirational, with people far more likely to post the pics of them ‘living their best lives’ rather than the realities of the everyday.

Underwater Hotels: 5 Luxurious Resorts Selling Holidays Beneath The Waves

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26 February 2019

Underwater Hotels

As you might expect for such a modern, high concept field, the aquatic hotel scene is evolving all the time.

Because of the huge cost and complexity, many projects stall before completion. Take the Poseidon Undersea Resort, a giant seafloor wonderland off a private island in Fiji, that’s spent the last decade hindered by development difficulties.

But there’s already a range of outlets offering the chance of a sub-aquatic sleep, often in the most luxurious surroundings…

Chilled Out Winter Stays: 5 Of The Best Igloo Hotels

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16 December 2018

Igloo Hotels

When snow starts to fall, it’s tempting to stoke up a fire – but for a true winter experience, sometimes there’s nothing better than embracing the cold. For centuries, Inuit communities lived in houses built of snow, which – surprisingly – kept them warm.

Reviving the romance of sleeping in structures made of ice, several hotels now offer guests an opportunity to book into igloos for the night.

Whether you want the authentic experience or a modern-day glass interpretation, these are the coolest ones to choose…

10 Most Ridiculous Things You Can Order From Hotel Room Service

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8 June 2017

Canoe Breakfast

Not all of us travel to see the exotic sunsets and pristine beaches. For some, it’s all about a lazy, bathrobe-over-PJs weekend escape filled with hot bubble baths, well-stocked mini bars, gourmet cuisine and a holistic spa.

If your idea of a dream vacation involves all this and more then get ready to have your mind-blown. Here’s a list of 10 outrageously over-the-top room service options that are available at some of the most luxurious hotels around the world.