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11 Insanely Expensive Weddings Of Royals, Tycoons & Celebrities

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6 February 2017

10 Insanely Expensive Weddings Of All Time

Weddings — in general, tend to be heavy on our bank accounts but money is no object when you're a celebrity, royalty or business tycoon. From million-dollar celebrity performances to silver-plated wedding invites — here is an eye-popping list of some of the most expensive nuptials of all time.

Lavish, opulent, extravagant, decadent, outrageous and frankly, insane are some of the words we'll use to describe them.

7 Vibrant Wedding Themes That Are Just As Classy As White

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31 January 2017

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White theme weddings are classy, romantic — and yes, cliché. Don’t get us wrong here – we love everything white but what was the theme of the wedding you last attended — and the one before that?

In case you’re wondering how can a wedding NOT be white – take some inspiration from South Asian weddings. White is probably the last colour you’d find in their entire set-up. We’ve compiled some of the best colourful wedding themes that are just as elegant as an all-white theme wedding.

These Iconic TV/Movie Wedding Gowns Are Your Best Bridal Guides

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31 January 2017

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Contrary to what your mommy says — Hollywood chick-flicks and TV series are as informational as your home economic class. Come to think of it — you've learned more life lessons, style inspirations and flirty wordplays from your binge-watching habit than by attending boring classes.

The best chick-flicks have one (or more) wedding scenes that call for re-runs. These fictional weddings have long been a source of inspiration that make us go aww— one gown at a time.

Here is a rundown on our top favourite TV/Movie wedding gowns to inspire your bridal instinct.

10 Wedding Nail Art Designs That Won't Look Tacky

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31 January 2017

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A wedding manicure is probably the last item on a bride’s agenda — and that is one big mistake. Your wedding photographer is going to hound you till you let him photograph your hands a hundred times — in a hundred different angels.

If you’re one of those who loves to try every latest nail trend( no matter how bizarre) then we suggest you think twice, no wait — at least 10 times before choosing your big day manicure.

5 Excuses to Break the White Gown Rule

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30 January 2017

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We’re probably going to get a lot of flak after this but hey, not all of us picture ourselves getting married in a white gown.

If you think for a moment, even fairy-tale princesses get to choose their own wedding dress colours, Belle wears yellow and Ariel wears Aqua — so why should we concur to the rules?

Here are 5 perfectly reasonable excuses to break the white gown rule on your big day.