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From Feather Eyelashes To Troll Doll Hair, Here Are Some Crazy Looks From Couture Week

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28 January 2019

Couture Week

With our January blues reaching an all-time high, couture week couldn’t have come soon enough to brighten up this bland month.

Haute couture is basically escapism at its finest – some of the most extravagant and beautiful works of art are sent down the catwalk, and it’s easy to lose hours ogling the shows on Instagram.

Specs In Focus: A Nostalgic Look Back At How Glasses Became A Centrepiece Of Style

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27 January 2019


Glasses occupy a strange spot in the annals of fashion – because technically you either require them or you don’t and style needn’t come into it.

But fortunately for those who us who cannot see without them, they have evolved into something sleek, smart and surprisingly trend-setting.

So, don your reading glasses as we explore the intriguingly opaque origins of the ordinary spectacles, and track their journey from schoolboy’s nightmare to must-have accessory.

From Dior’s Escalator To Criticism For Abloh: Everything You Missed At Men’s Paris Fashion Week

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22 January 2019

men's paris fashion week

The fashion cycle is undoubtedly a brutal one – designers must come up with at least four collections a year, not to mention various diffusion lines, accessories and more.

That’s why we’re always impressed by just how exciting fashion week consistently is – it’s rare to see any signs of creative fatigue or boredom.

Paris Fashion Week Men’s has just drawn to a close, and it was as full of drama and creativity as we’ve come to expect. Here’s what you missed…