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As Kate Moss Turns 45, Here Are 7 Style Lessons We’ve Learned From Her

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17 January 2019

Kate Moss

Few individuals have had a bigger impact on British fashion than Kate Moss.

She’s one of the world’s most famous supermodels, having modelled for everyone from Calvin Klein to Burberry, as well as collaborating on sell-out lines with Topshop. Over the years, she’s also become tabloid fodder due to her high profile relationships with rock stars and her no-nonsense approach to life.

Loungewear Is The New Athleisure: The Best Sets For Lazy Winter Days

Posted on

15 January 2019


What does your calendar look like this month? If it’s anything like ours it’s almost entirely devoid of plans, as December’s glut of festive fun makes way for the bleakness of January.

Maybe it’s because you’re giving up booze for 31 days. Maybe it’s because Christmas cleared out your bank account. Maybe it’s because it’s too darn cold to think about leaving the house for anything non-essential.

Why It’s So Incredible This Bridal Shop Is Representing People With Disabilities in Its Window

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14 January 2019

Wedding display

We’re seeing a huge push for diversity across the fashion industry, but there’s one space which hasn’t experienced much change: Wedding dresses.

If you go to a bridal shop, the mannequins all tend to be white, slim and able bodied. If you’re someone who doesn’t fit into these categories, what should be a positive and exciting experience can become something much more disheartening.

That’s what makes this display so refreshing: