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5 Of the Highest Viewing Platforms You Can Visit Around the World

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8 September 2019

5 Of the Highest Viewing Platforms You Can Visit Around the World

Recently, skyscraper height has become something of a competition.

The world’s nine tallest buildings have all been completed in the last nine years, most of them in Asian megacities like Shanghai, Seoul and Dubai. Saudi Arabia has now joined the party with a planned mile tall structure named the Kingdom Tower, already rising from the desert like a giant middle finger to their rivals.

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3 Wildlife-Watching Experiences You Need to Try in Finland

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5 September 2019

3 Wildlife-Watching Experiences You Need to Try in Finland

With advanced conservation initiatives, 39 national parks, and 73% of its land covered by forest – Finland has been named the world’s best wildlife travel destination for 2019.

The report, carried out by True Luxury Travel, examined metrics ranging from sustainability to megafauna, and found that Finland narrowly edged out Scandinavian neighbour Sweden at the head of the pack.

Here’s a freeze-frame of the finest Finnish wildlife experiences, from the southern lake district to the icy northern tundra.

Disney Announces New Rides: Here's the Attractions Not to Miss

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28 August 2019

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Disney Announces New Rides: Here are the Mustn’t Miss Attractions

Even by the standards of the D23 Expo – a massive convention for Disney’s official fan club, with glitz, glamour, and more cosplay than Comic Con – the weekend’s meet-up brought a bumper payday for fans.

Executives announced a whole series of crowd-pleasing goodies, and while many of the headlines will revolve around the Marvel Cinematic Universe – She-Hulk, the Rogue One prequels, and Tom Holland still being Spider-Man – it was a huge weekend for Disney’s worlds, lands and parks.

6 Extraordinary Islands You Actually Can Buy

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25 August 2019

6 Extraordinary Islands You Actually Can Buy

It’s been a week since news broke that Donald Trump was considering an attempt to buy Greenland, and the story has absolutely refused to die.

First there was confusion – as Twitter users and former Danish Prime Ministers alike struggled to work out whether the story was a joke – which was quickly followed by more confusion after Trump confirmed that his interest was genuine. It all got a bit out of hand after the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen called the idea “absurd” and a rebuffed Trump described her as”nasty” and cancelled a trip to Denmark.

5 Glaciers to Visit Before They Disappear

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20 August 2019

5 Glaciers to Visit Before They Disappear

Iceland has marked the passing of its first glacier lost to climate change with an official ceremony, and a bronze plaque warning of the damage to come.

Around 100 people, including Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir, gathered at what used to be the Okjokull Glacier to memorialise the formerly 16 square kilometre ice cap – now reduced to scattered remnants of ‘dead ice’.

The world’s glaciers are in dire straights – here are five of best you should know about before they disappear…

Here are the Highs and Lows of Being a Compulsive Traveller

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19 August 2019

Here are the Highs and Lows of Being a Compulsive Traveller

If Kate Humble has a scratch map, it’s probably now just an ordinary map.

The 50-year-old BBC presenter and devoted globetrotter has spent her career travelling most of the known world, from a 2,000-mile odyssey across the Pacific, to investigating the shepherds of Afghanistan.

We discover her best and worst travel memories, and the causes of her wanderlust. If you think her programmes are intrepid, wait until you hear what she got up to aged 19…

5 of the World's Most Impressive Religious Sites to Visit

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12 August 2019

Most Impressive Religious Sites Every Tourist Should Visit

Fuelled by passion and boundless faith, it’s no surprise religious monuments constitute some of our world’s greatest architectural feats. An unthinkable amount of time and money has been invested in these buildings.

New BBC One series Sacred Wonders looks at the motivation for visiting some of the world’s best-known places of pilgrimage; some come seeking quiet contemplation, others are directed by devotion, and many simply want to marvel at both the historical structures and the extraordinary religious practices taking place within their walls.

5 Pulse-Pumping Summer Adventure Activities to Try in the French Alps

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11 August 2019

Summer activities in the French Alps

Every year some of the most exciting racing of the Tour de France is fought out on the slopes of the mountainous roads of the Alps.

The race may be over for this year, but the vibrant green hillsides of resorts such as Tignes and Courchevel, best known for their winter skiing, are increasingly becoming a magnet for sporty summer adrenaline junkies too.

Activities from downhill mountain biking to vertigo-inducing via ferrata climbing and acrobatic waterslides are sure to get the heart pumping just as much as their winter counterparts.

This is the Scariest Swimming Pool You’ve Ever Seen

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4 August 2019

The Scariest Swimming Pool You’ve Ever Seen

Infinity pools are having a bit of a moment.

Plans are already in motion to build the world’s first 360-degree infinity pool atop a skyscraper in Central London. And the Palm Tower in Dubai is nearing completion of one the world’s highest infinity pools, a 930,000 litre tank raised 689ft off the ground.

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