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5 Films And TV Shows To Inspire Your Travel Plans In 2019

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27 January 2019


A trip to the cinema is pure escapism, with special effects and epic locations transporting us to many other worlds. Some scenes are so impactful, they even inspire viewers to visit locations, giving rise to a tourism trend coined ‘set-jetting’.

So which films and TV are likely to shape our travel plans in 2019?

According to flight booking engine, these visual narratives are likely to put particular destinations on the map.

The 10 ‘Must-Photograph’ Spots Around The World To Put On Your ‘To-Insta’ List

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15 January 2019

‘Must-Photograph’ Spots Around The World

If you haven’t got the photos to prove it, have you even really been?

Travel photography has moved on apace in recent times. Gone are the days of the sit-down ‘holiday picture viewing’, when families gathered unwillingly in darkened rooms to sit through slide shows of granny’s trip to Blackpool.

8 Of The Most Incredible Bridges From All Over The World

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20 December 2018


Far from boring structures, these are some of the most exciting examples of architecture...

Far from being just a means to get from A to B, bridges have long been an opportunity for architects to really go wild and experiment.

Sure, you know the Golden Gate and are familiar with Tower Bridge, but what about the feats of engineering that you might not have heard of?

Even if you never knew you were a bridge fan, you soon will be after taking a look at some of these incredible structures from all over the world.

Check Out These Fabulous UAE New Year's Eve Staycations

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19 December 2018

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New Year's Eve UAE Staycations 2018/2019

There's nowhere that celebrates the arrival of a New Year quite like the UAE.

From luxurious gala dinners, to humongous firework displays - Dubai and the rest of the country truly know how to welcome in January 1st.

Which is why booking a UAE staycation is a must-do for anyone seeking a unique way to celebrate New Year's Eve.

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6 Extraordinarily Strange Museums That Will Teach You Things You Never Knew You Wanted To Know

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18 December 2018

Extraordinarily Strange Museums

There are two types of museum worth visiting: Those filled with curiosities, and those that are a curiosity themselves.

It is perhaps with this in mind that British pub chain JD Wetherspoon is opening a museum in Wolverhampton, as part of a £7 million development project that will also spawn a 70-room hotel.

Chilled Out Winter Stays: 5 Of The Best Igloo Hotels

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16 December 2018

Igloo Hotels

When snow starts to fall, it’s tempting to stoke up a fire – but for a true winter experience, sometimes there’s nothing better than embracing the cold. For centuries, Inuit communities lived in houses built of snow, which – surprisingly – kept them warm.

Reviving the romance of sleeping in structures made of ice, several hotels now offer guests an opportunity to book into igloos for the night.

Whether you want the authentic experience or a modern-day glass interpretation, these are the coolest ones to choose…

It’s Intriguing and Exotic, But Can Tribal Tourism Be Ethical?

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11 December 2018

India’s remote Andaman islands

Last week a Christian missionary, John Allen Chau, was killed by Sentinelese tribesmen on North Sentinel Island in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, apparently while attempting to approach these remote and little-understood people.

Access to North Sentinel Island is heavily embargoed, primarily in order to prevent the transmission of disease to the Sentinelese, who sometimes violently refuse any form of contact with the outside world.

There's a Spot in the Canary Islands Where the Beach Looks Like Popcorn

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10 December 2018

Canary Island beach looks like popcorn

When you think of popcorn, your mind immediately turns to the beloved cinema snack – best served sweet and salty, with extra butter.

You probably wouldn’t think of a beach setting, which is why this bay in the Canary Islands is so unique and unexpected.

Nicknamed Popcorn Beach, instead of fine sand, you’re more likely to find what looks like freshly popped popcorn at this untouched spot.