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6 Bucket-List Destination Swaps to Beat the Crowds

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1 August 2019

Unusual bucket-list destinations

We all want to visit the places that everyone’s talking about – that’s human nature.

But when numbers swell, destinations lose some of their lustre. It’s true you can never have too much of a good thing, but a good thing can have too much of you.

The solution lies in putting an alternative pin in the map; finding somewhere with similar attributes that are not as well known. After all, our planet is vast – so surely there are enough hidden corners for us all to explore?

Why Visiting Zanzibar Is The Newest Tropical Getaway

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28 July 2019

Why Visiting Zanzibar Is The Newest Tropical Getaway

Explore a hidden gem in the eastern coast of Africa, home to idyllic beaches, friendly locals, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

If binge-watching Love Island, reading crazy adventures from Lord of the Flies, or following the royal family's summer vacation at an exclusive Caribbean island has left you wanting to plan your island getaway, then this vacation to Zanzibar is sure to bring you one step closer to fulfilling your islander dreams.

Hidden Churches Could be Ethiopia’s Most Adventurous Hiking Trail

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24 July 2019

Hidden Churches Could be Ethiopia’s Most Adventurous Hiking Trail

Illuminated by flickers of candlelight, an elderly pilgrim squats in the mud, reciting passages from a well-thumbed, leather-bound copy of the Old Testament.

Around him, figures swaddled in ghostly-white linens are stacked tightly together, covering every crack, crevice and precipice of Lalibela’s ancient rock-hewn churches. Having walked for days, the exhausted bodies lay stiller than corpses in a mortuary; but when sunlight spears the horizon in six hours’ time, heralding Ethiopia’s Christian Orthodox Christmas Day, this place will be very much alive.

5 Interstellar Airbnbs You Can Book on Your Next Travel

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22 July 2019

5 Interstellar Airbnbs You Can Book on Your Next Travel

It was the moment that the impossible became possible.

On July 16, 1969, the late, great Neil Armstrong placed the first ever human foot on the surface of the moon, permanently expanding the horizons of science, and setting records for live TV ratings that will almost certainly never be broken.

To commemorate the moment, five space-inspired Airbnb rentals are now available on special offer – $11 (AED40.41) per night, plus taxes, on selected dates.

A Brief History of the Famous Rock Formation - The Grand Canyon

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17 July 2019

A Brief History of the World’s Most Famous Rock Formation

First of all – confession – the Grand Canyon is not actually 100 years old. Its cliffs and crags were forged by water erosion over the course of millions of years in fact, and it’s existed almost unchanged since the dawn of human history.

It is for this reason that recording the histories of giant Proterozoic rock formations is often not a rewarding enterprise, but for the Grand Canyon we’ll make an exception.

Going Back for More: 10 Reasons to Embrace Repeat Travel

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15 July 2019

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10 Reasons to Embrace Repeat Travel

In the era of the bucket list and the Instagram feed, there’s a high premium on keeping everything fresh and new.

Every year brings a new round of not-quite-identical smartphones, every month brings a new wellness fad, and ASOS recently changed their returns policy to stop people buying an item of clothing, snapping a photo for the ‘gram, and then returning it.

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All Hail the Magical Kenyan Kingdom Where Lions Reign Supreme

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11 July 2019

All Hail the Magical Kenyan Kingdom Where Lions Reign Supreme

Overrun by his offspring, Olerai grunts, growls and grinds his chiselled jaw, but is far too weary to summon a roar, as excitable lion cubs tug at his tail.

Raising an eyelid to survey the granite outcrop where his restless pride has gathered, the wind rustles through the formidable male’s mane and sun glints where crown jewels should shine. But ruling a dominion is tiring work, and a king surely deserves his sleep.

8 Urban Beaches That Genuinely Aren't Terrible

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7 July 2019

Urban beaches worth visiting

City beaches may be associated with cigarette butts and sewage, but these serene, sandy exceptions will make you rebook your city break.

Picture the archetypal urban beach.

The broken bottles protruding menacingly from the sand; the concrete bulwarks ready to repel high tide; the honking car horns drowning out the lapping waves…

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