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DIY Crayon Lipsticks

DIY Crayon Lipsticks: Legit OR Not?

Yet another crazy beauty hack

Shattered Glass Nails

This Is The Hottest Nail Trend For The Holiday...

Shattered glass nails are a thing now.

Is This The Weirdest Face Mask Ever?

Magnetic Face Masks: Do They Really Work?

Magnets are not just for refrigerators anymore

Draping 101

This Makeup Trend Will Replace Contouring in 2017

Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss have already ditched contouring.

 Christmas 2016 Adverts

These Christmas Ads Will Make You Smile

The battle of Christmas adverts has begun!

Outdoor Wedding Makeup Tutorial

Natural Wedding Makeup Tutorial

If you hate cake-face, you will love this tutorial

Small Bedroom DIY Organisers

DIY Bedroom Organisers

Messy room = messy life

5 Days of No Makeup

5 Days Without Makeup

Could you go sans makeup for 5 days?

How to contour according to face shape

Contouring For Your Face Shape


How To Create A Gallery Wall

How To Create A Gallery Wall

Perfect for your home's entryway

 DIY Bathroom Storage Hacks

5 DIY Bathroom Storage Hacks

Never lose a bobby pin again

Tricks to love your closet

5 Tricks To Love Your Closet

Do you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear?

10 ways to look taller

10 Ways To Look Taller

You can't grow taller, but you can look it

microblading video

Microblading 101

All you need to know about semi-permanent brows

dark lipstick

7 Things That Happen When You Wear Dark Lipstick

We all have been through this

Flashes - False Lash Applicator - Amber Rose

A Gun That Applies False Lashes

If you struggle with falsies, you will love this!

winter makeup tutorial

The Winter Makeup Tutorial You Have To Watch!

Did you say burgundy smokey eyes?

how to avoid undereye creasing

How To Avoid Cakey Concealer

Avoid Cakey Concealer With This Simple Trick

Pravana Blonde Wand

Get Blonde Highlights In Minutes!

This is not a drill.

instagram beauty hacks tested

Instagram Beauty Hacks TESTED!

Does applying your foundation with a sock really work?

Korean Beauty Products

Weird Korean Beauty Products Tested

Are they worth the hype?

Useful Fashion Hacks

19 Fashion Hacks that Actually Work

Don't throw away your worn-out clothes just yet.

French Braid Tutorial

Get A Classic French Braid in 3 Minutes

Braiding your hair made easy!

apply false lashes underneath lashes

You've Been Applying False Lashes All Wrong

Your lash game is about to change.