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The Most Beautiful Inspiration For Your Christmas Table Settings

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19 December 2018

Christmas table setting inspiration by New Evolution

When it comes to Christmas, we're sure the best memories with loved ones are made around the table.

And if you're hosting dinner this year, we're sure you'll want your Christmas table looking its very best - and super festive!

No matter if you're going to be serving a home-cooked roast turkey dinner, or you're ordering it in from one of Dubai's best turk-aways, here's some ideas to make the Christmas dinner table look fabulous.

5 Winter Solstice Traditions You Can Bring Into Your Home

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17 December 2018

Winter solstice decoration traditions with New Evolution

Amid the whirl of the Christmas season, few are aware of or know about the arrival of the winter solstice.

But if you’ve recently watched Netflix’s Christmas special of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you’ll probably have all-things winter solstice on the mind.

It marks the longest night and shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and happens between December 20th and 23rd every year. For 2018, the winter solstice – which translates roughly to “sun stands still” - will fall on Friday 21st December.

9 Pairs Of Shoes To Complete Your Party Season Outfit

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16 December 2018

Christmas shoes

If you’re the kind of girl whose diary is packed with festive invites from late November onwards, you’re going to need a whole host of outfit options for all your evening activities.

From work parties to school pal reunions and festive frolics with your besties, you’ve got every excuse to go all out with a dazzling dress or trendy suit, and dig out your most sparkly bag.

As for shoes, choose wisely and one fabulous pair will see you through party season in style.

6 Alternative Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

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11 December 2018

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Alternative Christmas Trees

Are you short of space? Can’t fit a big Christmas tree into your home, but still want something festive and natural-looking to replace it?

Well, we've got good news for you. There are wall hangings, houseplants and smaller potted trees that’ll do the job nicely and bring some festive sparkle into your home, even if you live in the smallest space with just a little walk-round room.

Check out our top picks on how to spruce up your smaller space this Christmas...

How to Survive a Kitchen Renovation Project Over Christmas

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11 December 2018

New Evolution surviving a kitchen renovation over Christmas

When it comes to renovating – especially a kitchen – Christmas is often used as a defined deadline to complete the work.

But what if “by Christmas” your renovation project is still ongoing?

Naturally, we want our homes to look amazing for Christmas – but the problem is, the festive season tends to creep up on us, even with careful planning.

3 No-Fuss Ways To Set A Perfect Christmas Table

Posted on

10 December 2018

3 No-Fuss Ways To Set A Perfect Christmas Table

If conjuring a beautiful table setting is usually one frazzled festive step too far, don't fear, we're here to make it a little easier!

Turning the tables on traditional table settings, we want to give you tools to put your own creative spin to your dining room this year. Discover our three fabulously festive looks and best of all, they're all easy-peasy to do!

We follow the stylish food writer, Anna Barnett through some of her insider tips and tricks as she shares her creative table set ideas.

The Ultimate PJs for Twinning Families This Christmas

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10 December 2018

The Ultimate PJs for Families This Christmas

Twinning with your kids –i.e. wearing matching outfits – isn’t something we’d generally endorse, but when the whole family gets decked out in matching Christmas pyjamas, it can look cute and festive.

If it’s an idea you’re toying with this year, you’re in luck! Twinning has become something of a trend, and festive PJs for mums, dads, boys and girls are widely available. Check out our favourite matchy-matchy designs to get you in the Christmas spirit...

How to Make Your Own Christmas Wreath Using Succulents

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9 December 2018

Make Christmas wreath with succulents

If you want to go chic on the Christmas wreath front this year, consider succulents – they’ll last through the festive season and may even transfer to your garden later on.

Living wreaths give a great natural look indoors and out, but you’ll need different plants for different places – so indoors, you can experiment with echeveria and haworthia, while for an outdoor wreath, you can use succulent alpine plants such as sedum or sempervivum.