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3 Educational Activities to Beat the Heat in Qatar

Looking to escape the heat and participate in an educational activity indoors? Here are a few options that will get the creative juices flowing.

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10 October 2019

Last updated on 11 October 2019
Christine Sperr at ExpatWoman
by Christine Sperr
3 Educational Activities to Beat the Heat in Qatar

Running out of ideas to keep the little ones entertained and educated at the same time?

So you're with the family in Qatar, a destination that blends its tradition and growing modernity. With its rich variety of Arab and international cuisine, thrilling safaris, beaches, and of course, year-round sunshine, it's a whole playground of things to do.

While you may really be into visiting artistic sites, exploring heritage spots, and sampling spices at the souqs, the kids may have a different vision of how they'd enjoy an activity in Qatar. To escape the heat, parents have great choices on where to take their kids on an afternoon or even a whole day full of learning fun.

We’ve put together your guide to the most exciting family-friendly, educational adventures in Qatar. These activities will keep the kids entertained and their minds stimulated!

1. Al Thuraya Planetarium

This newly opened planetarium in Katara speaks to our curiosity of space. This facility houses a full-dome digital system with a 22-metre screen showcasing 2D and 3D presentations covering astronomy, geology, atmosphere and oceans. The planetarium takes visitors in a journey around the galaxies of the universe in a simplified manner that fits children and adults in two languages, English and Arabic.

The Media Majlis

The Media Majlis at Northwestern University focuses on exploring journalism, communication, and media through interactive exhibitions and events. Visitors are encouraged to examine global, regional and local stories through multiple angles. More than a collection of film and media, it is an engaging space that encourages visitors to challenge preconceptions and participate in creating content and messages.

Kahramaa Awareness Park

The Kahramaa Awareness Park has won several international architecture awards for their conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in its design and building. Its futuristic design draws visitors into its interactive world. Visitors will be taken on an educational journey through immersive and interactive exhibits about energy and water and how to conserve resources for the future. The stimulating and high-tech exhibits and activities include an immersive 3D experience and hair-raising electrical experiments.

Tours must be booked in advance by registering through their website: