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8 Options for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in Doha

We took on the Red Pepper Challenge to help you find the best, most healthy and affordable produce options in the city

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9 December 2019

Last updated on 10 December 2019
Christine Sperr at ExpatWoman
by Christine Sperr
Fresh fruit and vegetables in Doha, Qatar

In Doha, there is a wide range of options when looking to do your weekly shop for fruits and vegetables.

Whether you are looking for imported produce, cost-effective options or unique shopping experience, here are some options for you. ExpatWoman has chosen to compare each option based on their pricing of red peppers or capsicum in order to set a benchmark comparison.

Here's our guide to the 8 best places to go to buy local produce and fresh fruit and vegetables in Doha.


Monoprix currently has 3 locations in Twin Palm Tower / WestBay, Medina Centrale on the Pearl, and the largest location at Doha Festival City. Earlier this year the French retail chain announced it plans to open a new ‘digitally smart store’ at Msheireb Downtown Doha (MDD) in December 2019. Monoprix offers customers a wide range of organic food from fruits and vegetables to meat and dairy products. The stores are brightly lit and nicely spaced which provides a comfortable shopping experience, albeit often at a premium.


With locations conveniently located throughout Doha, it is an excellent option for imported items. MegaMart carries a large selection of organic produce, regionally imported produce and several ‘hard to find items’ like kaffir lime leaves, fresh herbs and seasonal products like baby pumpkins and fresh figs. In addition to a robust produce selection, MegaMart carries a wide range of imported biscuits, crackers, cereal bars, and canned items. Several locations have a well-stocked butchery with antibiotic-free chicken and Australian / New Zealand cuts of beef. MegaMart is an excellent option for specialty items but can be a bit pricey on staples like paper products, pet supplies, and general household items.

Local produce in Doha, Qatar


  • Cost of red peppers per kg: QAR 11.50 / Online delivery QAR 21.75
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With 7 locations throughout Doha, Carrefour is a convenient option for your weekly shop. The fruit and vegetable section is often more expansive compared to other supermarkets. In addition to a wide selection of fruits and veggies, Carrefour carries health & personal care, electronics & appliances, clothing, and baby products. You can even shop online and Carrefour offers free delivery for orders above QAR 250.

Lulu Hypermarket

Similar to Carrefour in terms of scope, Lulu Hypermarkets are a popular choice in the Gulf Region. Fresh produce selection and quality vary in terms of location, however, it is an affordable option to complete your weekly shopping. Lulu offers a wide selection of regional and subcontinent items that are often not found at other supermarkets. In addition, you can order online with home delivery.

Al Meera

Al Meera’s physical locations are smaller in size with a reduced product offering compared to the larger supermarket chains, however, they do carry a nice selection of produce from Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, and India. Al Meera has been in operation for 11 years and they have 43 supermarkets and convenience stores throughout Qatar. While you might not find a large selection of choice, Al Meera is excellent value for money.

Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable Market

  • Cost of red peppers per crate (contains 12-14 large peppers each): QAR 40.00
  • Price per kg (approx. 4 red peppers): QAR 13.00

If you don’t mind getting a little dusty and pushing your way through crowds, the Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable Market is a truly local experience. Do not go if you only want one a single item as it is ideal for purchasing in larger quantities. Selections vary each day, however, you can find a wide range of fruits and vegetable options. Grab a man with a wheelbarrow and start shopping. Great prices for bulk produce.

Local produce in Doha, Qatar

Independent Home Delivery

  • Price per kg: QAR 18.00

Through your local community or expat network, you can find the contact details of men who will take orders for produce via What’s App and deliver directly to your door. This is a convenient and affordable option and the quality is often the same as the supermarkets at much lower price points. There is a list of items that you can choose from and you can order for the same day, depending on the time of order and your location, or next day delivery. It is not an eco-friendly option, however, as all items come in original plastic containers or plastic bags.

WINNER: Torba Farmers Market

  • Cost of red peppers per kg: QAR 6
  • Winner of the Red Pepper Challenge!

Located at the Ceremonial Court of Qatar Foundation in Education City, this seasonal Saturday market focuses on artisan and eco-friendly products. In addition to organic produce, visitors can enjoy a delicious selection of food offerings. If you are craving a healthy vegan bowl, bao buns or simply an excellent cup of coffee, then you are in the right place! You can also peruse the artisan selection or pick up a colorful floral bouquet. While the Market is open from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm, you can bring your dog, it must be on a leash, between 8:00 am – 12:00 noon. It is a lovely Saturday outing.