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What is the Minimum Wage for Expats Working in Qatar?

A new minimum wage for expatriate workers has taken effect in Qatar as part of the country's labour reforms

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21 March 2021

Last updated on 22 March 2021
Minimum wage for expats working in Qatar

The new minimum wage is effective March 2021 and applies to all sectors

With the new quarter comes a slew of new implemented laws, including one that will set the minimum wage in Qatar for foreign employees.

As of March 2021, Qatar implemented a new minimum wage for non-Nationals in the country, as part of the labour reforms announced in August last year.

According to the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, the new minimum wage for expatriates in Qatar is effective from Saturday, set at QAR 1,000 per month.

The reforms were made to protect workers' rights, improve the quality of life, stimulate economic growth, and attract potential investors, workers, and employers to Qatar's markets.

Minimum wage for expats in Qatar

Employers are also required to allocate an additional monthly QAR 500 for their staff's accommodation, plus QAR 300 per month for food. However, the additional QAR 800 in housing and food is not mandatory if the employer already provides both accommodation and food.

The new minimum wage for expats in Qatar applies to all workers in all sectors, including domestic help. A committee will be formed to continuously review the new expat minimum wage reform.

Other labour reforms in Qatar include expats no longer requiring an NOC certificate (no-objection letter) to end their work contracts, thus granting work mobility.

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Since August 2020, foreign employees in Qatar can terminate their work contract if they provide at least one month's written notice, if they have worked for the company/employer for less than two years. A two months' notice is required if they've worked for their sponsor for more than two years.