Guide to Housing in Qatar |

Guide to Housing in Qatar

Qatar has a high standard of living and many expats find living in Qatar a very different experience from anything they expected.

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22 July 2013

Last updated on 19 June 2017
Guide to Housing in Qatar

Qatar has a relatively high standard of living and many expatriates find living in Qatar a very different experience from anything they had expected or what they have been used to. None the less almost all expatriates enjoy what Qatar has to offer.

Exciting job opportunities and equally promising salaries together with the attraction of the country make Qatar an enticing place to settle down. Finding a job is not always that easy as all expatriates require sponsorship to work and live in Qatar.

The safety, warm weather and family orientated environment further entice those seeking similar lifestyles and weather. There are several fine resorts and beaches strategically placed along the 565 km coastline to choose from. You won't find any difficulty in balancing the work - play environment effectively.

There are many good furnished and unfurnished apartments to choose from and finding accommodation is not that hard. Depending on your circumstance either the company sponsoring will assist or the many estate agents will be more than willing to assist.

There is no shortage of entertainment- shopping, restaurants, cinemas and bowling alleys. A generous blend of café’s, nut shops and divine bakeries make Qatar an exciting country to relocate.

Compounds seem to be the more popular choice of accommodation, however, there are long waiting lists. Some companies often have properties allocated to their employees, securing this type of accommodation is subject to availability. Most of company properties are centrally located and in a good condition. Another option is using the local real-estate agents, which requires more time and patience. This option normally applies to smaller companies who do not having any housing properties for their employees or for those choosing to do so.

Most sponsors provide accommodation or housing allowance for their employees as part of the work contract. It is not uncommon to pay approximately QR 8000 for a two bedroomed flat in a good area. Villas and apartments with pools and sporting facilities can cost as much as QR 15 000.

Estate agents have resources as well as listings of property available not forgetting the local experience. They can assist with all types of accommodation and are generally good in assisting in long term/short terms stays. They also have access to a list of Serviced Apartments with cleaning and laundry services.

Alternatively check out the classifieds of the local papers, drive around and look for the lease signs. Word of mouth can be effective as many owners do not actually advertise their properties for rent but are willing if an offered is made. The aforementioned options are more time consuming and suggested only once you have arrived. If your sponsor cannot assist with accommodation I recommend you first find accommodation for a short period, get to know the areas and the local market, then go into a long term lease agreement.

List of Rental Apartment Agents

AHB-Bilal Suites
Tel: 4442 7788 Fax: 4441 9002

Al Emadi Enterprises
Tel: 4466 6625 Fax: 4466 4166

Al Jawhara Service Apartments
Tel: 4432 8100 Fax: 4441 4339

Al Jazeera Service Apartments
Tel: 4431 7986 Fax: 4431 3901

Al Muntazah Plaza
Tel: 4435 5677 Fax: 4435 5757

Al Sadd Suites
Tel: 4444 4199 Fax: 4442 2700

Al Siraaj Suites
Tel: 4458 2809

Bavaria Suites
Tel: 554 8678

Le Mirage Executive Residence
Tel: 4444 0111 Fax: 4442 3104

Le Mirage Suites
Tel: 4444 7333 Fax: 4436 7195

Retaj Executive
Tel: 4455 3333 Fax:4455 3553

Retaj Residence
Tel: 4489 5555 Fax: 4489 5500

Royal Wings Apartment Hotel
Tel: 4421 1333 Fax: 4421 1999

Most of the expats rent homes rather than purchase them. Recently Qatar law has allowed foreigners to purchase property in certain areas only which automatically grants them residency and is transferable to their heirs. Many of the local banks offer retail mortgage loans over a long-term basis.

Currently the Pearl is the new and largest Real Estate project that will be available for expat purchase. The United Development Company based in the Al Fardan Centre on Grand Hamid Street will be able to assist for those interested interested (Tel: 4446 3444). West Bay Lagoon, Al Khor and the Lagoon Plaza are also areas where foreigners can purchase property.

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