Parents in Qatar Can Choose Between Blended and Online Learning |

Parents in Qatar Can Choose Between Blended and Online Learning

The latest back to school updates includes allowing parents to opt for either blended learning or online learning for their children in Qatar

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15 September 2020

Last updated on 17 September 2020
Parents in Qatar Can Choose Between Blended and Online Learning

Less than 0.2% of students and teachers in Qatar tested positive for Covid-19 since schools reopened

Mr. Mohammed Al Beshri, Media Consultant for the Minister's Office, announced a new set of decisions launched by the Qatar Ministry of Education and Higher Education based on their daily evaluation of the blended learning since schools across the country reopened on September 1st.

The announcement came during a virtual joint press conference with Dr. Abdullatif Al Khal, Chair of National Strategic Group on Covid-19 and Head of the Infectious Diseases Division at Hamad Medical Corporation.

These are the latest updates on schools in Qatar, which were taken after direct and continuous coordination with the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH):

  • Blended learning will remain in all public and private schools in Qatar, while maintaining the approved attendance rate of 30% and observing the precautionary measures
  • Starting next week, parents can choose between blended learning or switching entirely to distance learning for their child. This move was made to control classroom attendance
  • It is necessary to register students' attendance and monitor absence days in both blended and distance learning modes
  • Students are required to attend schools for exams
Back to school news and updates in Qatar

The Ministry would also like to clarify a number of important points and guidelines, as follows:

  • It is necessary for all community members to exercise caution and follow the precautionary measures and social distancing in daily life. This will help them protect themselves and their families, and will facilitate the continuity of students' education.
  • The school environments are even safer. The investigation of the cases spotted in a few schools and classrooms found that the infection occurred outside schools and that it was transmitted to the school community.
  • In case of discovering any cases, it is necessary to follow the applicable protocol in coordination with the MOPH. Students in any infected classroom should not be allowed to attend to school and should be called to take swab tests by the MOPH.
  • In the event of any classroom closure, the school management will notify the parents of the closure via SMSs.
  • In the event that an entire school is closed, this will be announced by the Ministry as per the currently applicable protocol.
  • If the number of Covid-19 cases increases, a recommendation will be made to suspend the respective classroom or school and switch to distance learning.
Parents can choose between online or blended learning for children

The Ministry once again calls on all members of the community to not pay attention to rumours and only check reliable sources for any developments and/or updates related to education under the current Covid-19 situation.

During the press conference, Al-Beshri highlighted the efforts made by the Ministry to keep the student education going under the Covid-19 pandemic.

He referred to various precautionary measures that the Ministry circulated to public and private schools to be observed before and during the school day.