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Volunteers Cleaned A Beach In Qatar To Show Support To The Environment

A great way to give back to our environment is to help clean it of waste

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5 November 2018

Last updated on 27 December 2018

As we bid farewell to the hot summer days, there’s should be no excuse not to volunteer in the country

And this is exactly what the Qatar Volunteer group did over the weekend with an annual Beach Clean-up Awareness Campaign at the Al-Wakra Family Beach.

With the help of Qatar Green Building Council, parents, students and children made their way to the beach to help rid the sands and water of any plastic and waste.

Young environmentalist from the Birla Public School, The New Generation School, the Doha Institute for Graduate studies and The Boys Scout of America Unit 400 all enthusiastically participated at the beach-clean up on November 2nd.


The beach clean-up awareness campaign hopes to motivate students in Qatar to be more aware and careful of their environment.

As well as involve them with the idea of community service and giving back to their community and city – this also helps instil the students with good habits, stewardship and the proper disposal of waste.

Students have learned the importance of waste segregation, proper disposal of waste and the importance of reducing littering on beaches in the country.


Students were shocked to find various litter objects and debris on the beach, including broken glass, bottle caps and cigarette butts that are extremely harmful to the environment and beachgoers

Almost 150 volunteers lent a helping hand in the beach clean-up and were happy to make a difference to the environment.

They also received appreciation certificates and prizes to help motivate them to volunteer and contribute towards a sustainable future.