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5 Crazy Things Residents In Qatar Do When It Floods

When the country becomes a huge pool, here are 5 insane stunts that residents start to perform

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22 October 2018

Last updated on 27 December 2018

When a rainstorm hits a country in the GCC, the roads and streets flood instantly

And what better way to celebrate the rain, which takes some heat and humidity away from the Gulf region than to straight up enjoy it.

While most people hate getting wet by the rain, there are some people who would love to sit under an umbrella and sip on a hot cup of tea.

Usually when rainstorms hit the city of Qatar - strong winds can reach 42 km/h and precipitation levels can reach 84 mm.

And that was the case as a rainstorm hit Doha in Qatar this week; with the seas roaring and actively flooding nearby streets and the rain making it visibly hard to drive around the city as well.

But a small number of residents in Qatar want to do more extreme activities - from jumping straight into flooded waters, wakeboarding with their cars or use a jet-ski.

Here are 5 crazy water stunts done in Qatar.

5. Walking through puddles of water

4. Water rafting in the streets

3. Bringing out the jet-skis

2. Avoiding the water puddles

1. Diving into the water puddles