After School Activities in Doha |

After School Activities in Doha

Looking for fun yet educational things to do for children? Have your pick from our list of after school and weekend activities, clubs, and more for kids

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22 January 2020

Last updated on 4 February 2020
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by Christine Sperr
After School Activities in Doha

See what’s on in Doha for kids to enjoy after school

After school activities are a fantastic way to keep kids busy as well as mentally, physically, and socially stimulated even after the school day has ended, and Qatar has a wide range of international schools that have extracurricular activities that are both school-sponsored and vendor provided.

School-sponsored activities tend to be on a first come first serve basis and offered before or directly after school.

Vendor managed activities frequently pool children from various schools to participate in activities directly after school up until the evenings and even on weekends. This makes it a great option for working parents to provide their children with more opportunities to be creative, active, and mix with kids from other parts of Doha while mums and dads get more work done.

Here is a list of some of the vendor-provided after school activities available to children of all ages throughout Doha in Qatar. From sports to music, there's an after school activity for every kid.

Football and soccer

Over the last decade, various sports have gained popularity throughout Doha and as a result, several providers have been established to meet the need. With FIFA 2022 craze, interest in football has blossomed.

Several clubs cater to developing ball skills and teaching children how to compete as a team. Each organization provides full uniforms and offers training sessions at multiple schools/locations throughout Doha.

Evolution, Premier League Football Academy (PLFA), Aspire and Doha Pearl Academy are all professional organizations that offer training for all ages.

After school football and soccer clubs for kids in Doha


In 2005 Doha hosted the FIBA Asian Championship where the Qatari national team placed 3rd.

With this exposure, basketball gained notoriety and multi-sports organizations started to offer basketball. Be Basketball and Evolution are two organizations in Doha with programs offered on select school campuses.


Since swimming is part of most school’s curriculum, there is exposure to swimming at a young age. Many clubs in Doha utilize both outdoor and indoor swimming facilities to teach swimming, enhance skills, compete and play water sports.

For after school swimming activities for kids, check out Doha Dolphins, Evolution and H2O Swim Club for their schedules and locations.

Swimming lessons for kids in Doha


For the first time in the Middle East, Doha was the host of the 2018 World Artistic Gymnastics Championship.

This was an exciting event for Doha as there is a dedicated community that supports and practices gymnastics. Gymnastics is a fun way for your child to get and stay fit and is a sport that works total body strength, flexibility, and aerobic development, all while developing and enhancing motor skills. Beginner and competitive gymnastics, body strength and tumbling are offered throughout the city.

The Gymnastics Academy and BH Gymnastics are popular providers of children's courses in Doha.


From the earliest beginners to those pursuing professional dance or choreography careers, Doha can cater to all ages and skill levels. Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, and musical theater are all options with skilled, professional instructors.

Sophie McDonald Dance Company & Laura Knight Academy of Dance are two highly-rated dance studios in Doha.

After school dance activities Doha


Safety first! According to the Archery Trade Association, archery is safer than every school-offered ball sport, except bowling and table tennis.

X-Ten Archery is working to expand the love of archery to Doha’s youth.

Science and Technology

Children are invited to go on a voyage of discovery with unique hands-on activities, and amazing demonstrations that explore science outside of the classroom. For aspiring scientists and programmers in Doha, check out Molecular, MAD Science, Geek Express.

Science activities for kids in Doha


Music is often said to be a universal language. Music continues to unite diverse cultures from the east and west in timeless forms of dance, music, and arts.

If your child wishes to learn to play an instrument or requires advanced lessons, there are tenured professionals in organized academies across Doha, ready to encourage creativity. Singing and vocal groups and coaching is also available.

In Doha, the IAID Performing Arts, Swasthi Academy, and International Centre for Music are only a small sampling of organizations that provide various types of music teaching and coaching for school students.