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After School Activities in Qatar

It's always handy for the kids to have something to do after school, means you can work longer and they can make new friends.

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23 October 2013

Last updated on 6 December 2017
  After School Activities in Qatar

Looking for after school activties to keep the little ones entertained in Doha, Qatar? We've got a big list for you!

If you run an activity and would like to have it listed, please email us on editor (at) and we'll add it to the list. We've got lots of things covered, including football, soccer, swimming, netball, basketball, ballet, art lessons and so much more. You are going to be busy being a mom or dad taxi, that's for sure!

After School Activities in Qatar



Hamilton Aquatics
We provide quality lessons and training for everyone from complete beginners to Olympians. Our best swimmer finished sixth at last year’s Olympic Games. Key features of our program are small class sizes, fully qualified and experienced teachers and coaches, and a learn-to-swim scheme that allows for individual rates of progression.We are starting in Doha at four locations: Al Jazeera Academy, Al Maha Academy for Boys and Al Maha Academy for Girls and ACS Doha International School. We look forward to helping your children become safe, confident and efficient swimmers. 


Aspire Sports Development
We are at the heart of a sporting revolution currently taking place in Qatar and around the region. We are conceiving, promoting and implementing game-changing excellence in sports that is enabling an entire generation of highly-skilled, disciplined and competent individuals, both Qataris and otherwise.

We are the country’s premier and the region’s leading sports academy. Aspire Active offers Football, Agility Classes, Power Walking, Fitness Games, Swimming, Boxing, Spinning and more.

QMotion Kids In Motion
KIDS IN MOTION is a new, fun-filled program that provides safe and high quality fitness classes for kids aged 4 to 12 years. The courses are non-competitive and build stamina, while boosting the children's self-esteem, confidence and social skills. The children will meet new challenges in a positive environment and learn team work with peers and instructors. Our vision is to let our members develop an active, healthy and positive lifestyle from early age. Our weekly classes and activities include:Interactive, fast paced games; Sports, tumbling, walking, running; Relays, puppets, music, songs; Warm up and cooling down phases

Qatar Bowling Centre
QBC features 32 synthetic bowling lanes, automatic pin setters with Qubica automatic scoring, 4 bumper lanes for the children (for kids below 8 years old only please), other sports facilities and a wide parking space.

Diplomatic Club
The Diplomatic Club offers its members a wide range of leisure facilities for them to fully relax after or before a long working day. To make it even better the Diplomatic Club holds sport classes in its specially designed aerobic studio and personal training lessons to fully work out. Finally, relax after an intensive work out or a long day in our sauna and steam facilities, jacuzzi, plunge pool.
Take part in water sports, swimming, tennis, squash and more.

Qatar Little League
Qatar Little League American Baseball is open to all English speaking boys and girls aged 4-18 years. The group has more than 280 children from 22 nationalities in 27 teams. Registration is typically in Sept. with the season running from Oct. - Feb. Open to all children aged 4 to 16 years old. No experience required!
Boys/girls age brackets per league:
T-ball: 4 to 6 years Minors (Coach’s Pitch): 7 to 8 years
Majors: 9 to 10 years Juniors: 11 to 13 years
Seniors: 14 to 16 years Fast-Pitch Softball (girls only): 10 to 18 years
All players require baseball gloves. We have a limited number of gloves for sale at registration… first come, first serve! Price for League play includes a skills day, weekly practice sessions, 10 - 12 games during the season and a closing ceremony. Players receive team jersey, cap, year-end trophy, team picture and boat loads of fun! Skills Days are held at the end of September. These are not try outs, but fun days for players to practice their skills. It also helps the league create well-balanced teams. Opportunities for post-season tournament play as well. For further info call Adam Cantu on 6650 2928

Ice Hockey
The Qatar Minor Ice Hockey Association is a non-profit organization operated solely by volunteers. Our mission is to provide a quality ice hockey program for children ages 5 to 17, from the Initiation Level through to Bantam at the Villagio Ice Rink. Our Program runs from September to April. We provide 1 game and 1 practice weekly for Novice – Bantam and for Initiation 1 hour of hockey development weekly.
Initiation : 5, 6, 7 years (Beginner - Little or no prior hockey experience)
Novice : 6 & 7 years
Atom : 8 to 10 years
Peewee : 11 to 13 years
Bantam : 14 to 17 years
For more information, please check our website or e-mail [email protected]

Mini Tennis & Tennis Lessons  Elite Sport Academy Qatar
Mini Tennis is the best way for children to learn tennis. Research shows that it is essential for children up to the age of 10 years to learn the physical skills of running, jumping, balance, co-ordination, throwing and catching as well as basic tennis skills if they are to reach their full sporting potential. Expect to see lots of these activities in Mini Tennis lessons. Allow your children to play in the Mini Tennis colour stage that is appropriate to them. This will ensure they will enjoy playing the game and gain confidence.

Swimming after school activity in Qatar


A brand new sports course aimed at young boys and girls of all abilities (non-swimmers - advanced).

  • High quality learning experience in swimming

  • A clear aim to raise water safety awareness

  • Promote the importance of learning how to swim in the community.

  • This exciting new club will offer approachable and quality-based swimming classes within an enjoyable and fun atmosphere, helping 5 - 18 year olds gain confidence in the water.

Evolution Swimming also offers competitive and experienced swimmers the opprotunity to enhance their talents and prepare for competition. There will also be chances for individuals to enroll on certified training courses to become qualified swim assistants and life-guards. Sun - Wed training dates TBC via email over summer. Includes alternative water based classes every Thurs such as water aerobics, scuba diving and water polo.

Swimming- H20 Swim Club
Our aim is to promote swimming as part of the overall holistic development of children, adolescents and adults by creating a center of excellence for swimming for all levels and ages, headed by internationally trained coaches, to provide leisure and competitive swimming programs that will instil invaluable life skills. The Swim Club is an independently run club operating from the American School of Doha. Our goal is to provide a first class year-round swim programme with a special emphasis on teaching children the value of sportsmanship and teamwork.

Swimming- Doha Dolphins
Doha Dolphins is a Not Profit Organization that aims to raise water safety awareness and promote the importance of learning how to swim in the community by offering approachable and quality-based swimming classes. At Doha Dolphins, we pride ourselves on our commitment to teaching and coaching swimming. Our aim is to teach swimming, to have fun, to stay fit and healthy and to develop good technique with a view to moving on to one of our competitive squads or other aquatic sports. In this view we provide a pathway for children from the learn-to-swim (LTS) formative years to Technique Development through to high performance training and racing. Our focus is on providing the highest quality swim education and personalised service in a friendly and supportive environment. It is the aim of the Doha Dolphins program, teachers and coaches to enable swimmers to maximise their potential and to go on and develop a lifelong love for swimming. Due to the non-weight bearing nature of swimming it is possible your child may swim throughout his or her lifetime, therefore it is important to develop sound skills and "perfect" strokes to prevent overuse injuries. We believe swimming is truly one of the few "Sports for Life"!

Evolution Netball offers young boys and girls of all abilities a high quality learning experience in the sport.
Our aim is to develop basic netball skills in an exciting, enjoyable and fun atmosphere, helping 11 - 17 year olds gain experience in competitive and non - competitive environments. Every child will be given the opportunity to develop key qualities in motivation, communication and team work.
GROUPS - Under 11 (new Autum term), Under 14, Under 18
VENUE - Doha College
For more information please contact our Head Netball Coach on
T: (+974) 33557319
E: [email protected]

Doha Soccer League
The Doha Soccer League is a for-fun, not-for profit league open to kids from Pre-K to grade 12. We would like to emphasize the fun aspect of this league. Although we have no league tables the competitive spirit is evident in all the games. Our coaches are volunteers; if you would like to lend a hand please indicate it on the application form.All of the kids are winners which is why we end our season with a mini party for all the teams. At the end of the season each and every player receives a trophy and a team photograph. We hope this is an enjoyable experience for all involved.

Evolution Basketball offers young boys and girls of all abilities a high quality learning experience in sport. Our aim is to develop basic basketball skills in an exciting, enjoyable and fun atmosphere, helping 6 - 16 year olds gain experience in competitive and non - competitive environments. Every child will be given the opportunity to develop key qualities in motivation, communication and team work.
GROUPS - Under 8, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16
VENUES - Doha College and the American School of Doha
For more information please contact Ben Smith, Head Basketball Coach on
T: (+974) 77303435
E: [email protected]

Qlethics- Athletics
Our Start to Run program is designed for all ages and fitness abilities and caters for three levels; Absolute Beginners, Recreational and Advanced Runners. After registering, you will be invited to an assessment where your current running level will be tested. Your feet will be assessed as well through a high tech foot analyses device. This procedure will aid us in advising you which type of shoe would best fit your feet as to maximize injury prevention.A thorough follow up by our instructor will further aid you to reach your goals set forth at the beginning of the program.Our Start to Walk program is designed for young and old, for in-active and semi-active people but also for the very fit. Obviously this program is more than just going for a walk. Its goal is to enhance a persons' fitness as well as it is intended to be a social workout.

Tornadoes Tag Rugby
Tornadoes is a fun, non-contact Tag Rugby club that caters for both boys and girls in Doha. The club has now been running for over a year and has children from a number of different schools attending.The children develop and learn a range of skills, improve their co-ordination and enjoy the sport of Tag Rugby!
The kids complete different speed and agility drills whilst performing different fun activities to learn the game of Tag Rugby. The sessions end with small sided matches to give the children the opportunity to put their skills into game situations. The club is run by Andy Coomer, Head of Primary Sport at Park House English School. Andy has been involved in Tag rugby and rugby coaching for 8 years now. He has coached rugby in England, New Zealand, Ghana and Qatar trying to teach a range of different children the fun that can be had through Rugby and Tag Rugby. Tag rugby is a fantastic sport for children to develop their skill levels, learn the benefits of team work and most importantly have loads of fun. Tornadoes Tag Rugby takes place on Saturday afternoons at Park House English School. Each term the sessions run for 10 weeks. The sessions run at the following times:
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children: 2pm-3pm
Year 3 & 4 children: 3pm-4pm
Year 5 -7 children: 4pm-5pm

Martial Arts

Korea Taekwondo Centre

Korea Taekwondo Center offers after school activity every Tuesday 12:45-14:15 for elementary students in multi-purpose hole. We have two coaches Hojin Shin, 5th Dan Black Belt male master and Yerin Kim, 4th Dan Black Belt. Female master. Call : 44659066, 55609679 (Mrs. Shin)

martial arts qatar

Evolution Karate
Offers children and young people aged 6 - 11 the opportunity to learn all aspects of Shotokan Karate in a fun and dynamic environment. Karate is an excellent form of physical exercise which improves stamina, balance, strength, flexibility, reaction times and co-ordination.
Each session aims to develop physical fitness, skills and techniques. sessions will have a focus where each technique is learnt and practised in a variety of fun and enjoyable ways. Progress is measured by a universal grading system, which is held at the end of each term where skills and techniques are assessed.
Every child is awarded with a certificate of attendance, but those lucky enough to pass will be awarded a merit certificate, badge and an appropriately coloured belt for their grade. as an extra incentive to do well, rewards will be offered throughout each course and at the end of each course for those who show extra commitment and effort.GROUPS - Under 9 & Over 9 VENUE - Doha College

Arts & Crafts

IAID Visual and Studio Arts Program

This program takes this creative evolution to different levels covering significant elements of basic pencil, color pencil, watercolor, acrylic medium and paint to clay modeling and sculpture. This course moves in a progressive manner from color theory, shapes and figures, visual art perception, portraits, watercolors, cartooning, pastels, ink and paint that challenges one's ability on shading, strokes, dry brush, wash and wet techniques. The course enhances the creative process of each artist.

From Beginners, Adult to Advance Fine Arts, participants move in a progressive manner from color theory to visual art perception that challenges one's ability on various painting techniques and styles. As a result, participants learn to think creatively with an open mind, improving their problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they enjoy the language and vocabulary of the arts. This experience also introduces the participants to the different cultures of the world while building their confidence in varied social interactions. The young artists then finds fulfillment in their work through exhibits and participation at various IAID events such as the Annual World Environment Day, 21 Aspirants and Artworx Exhibitions.


IAID- Interntional Academy For Dance Music & Arts

Keyboard & Piano: This is a certificate course affiliated with the London College of Music with instruction based on progressive handbooks. With the syllabus' wide content of musical repertoire and associated educational material, the series provides a solid foundation to music education for any piano student, of any age. The course introduces all new concepts that is presented beautifully and paced intelligently with unique attractive music. The course features note reading, rhythm reading, sight-reading and technical workouts.
Acoustic Guitar: Affiliated with the London College of Music, the IAID Acoustic Guitar is a certificate course that follows a progressive curriculum from Initial, Preliminary, and Grade 1 to Grade 8 and higher. The course takes the student from fingerboard knowledge of chords and scales to performance sections of rhythm playing, melodies, pitch and harmony assessments. In the process, the students learn to strum popular musical pieces of different genres to culminate in the London College of Music (LCM) examinations and performance at various IAID events.
Classical Guitar: The classical guitar, also known as the “Spanish guitar” or “nylon string guitar”, is a 6-stringed instrument from the family of instruments called chordophones. Based on the progressive syllabus of the London College of Music, this is a certificate course that provides students with a rich musical repertoire while enhancing their fingerboard training of chords and scales, sight, rhythm and note reading to technical workouts.
Western Vocals: The course introduces the aspiring singers to classical music, musical theater and popular music. Students enjoy a wide repertoire that also includes folk song, art song, sacred vocal music, opera, and oratorio, among others. Each session prepares the students through vocal exercises, techniques, sight-reading, aural training and music appreciation at every session.

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The International Centre for Music
The International Centre for Music is Qatar's premier centre for performing arts.
We aim to provide the highest caliber of music education for gifted students from around the world, so that they may achieve their fullest potential as artists.
We are proud of the team of world class music educators that call ICM their home. As you become familiar with our educational programs, support, and services, you'll experience our passion for teaching music and developing educational resources. We offer one to one lessons in: Piano, Violin, Guitar, Flute along with group classes of: Theory of Music.

Dance Classes

Evolution Dance

Evolution Dance offers a high quality learning experience in various genres of Dance.Our aim is to develop basic dance skills in an exciting, enjoyable and fun atmosphere, helping young people from 6 - 18 years old gain experience in choreographing and performing. Even if you have never danced before, please come along. Its a great way of socialising and keeping fit!
AGES - 11 - 18 & 6 - 10 years old
VENUE - Doha College
For more information please contact our Head Dance Coach on  T: (+974) 66899361
E: [email protected]

StarFish Lane Kids Dance Classes

Dance Classes with Ms Tove at Starfish Lane Kids 2 Al Jelaiah
Mondays 3-3.45 pm:
Pre-Ballet II (4-5 years old)
4-4.45 pm: Ballet I (age 6 and up)
5-5.45 pm: Modern and Jazz Dance (7-10 years old)

Wednesdays 3-3.45 pm:
Pre-Ballet I (4-5 years old) for new students
4-4.45 pm: Pre-Ballet II (4-6 years old)
5-5.45 pm: Ballet I (age 6 and up)

Pre-registration is required for all courses. All classes are subject to minimum and maximum enrollment.
For information please e-mail Tove at: [email protected]

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Yama Yoga
Kids Yoga for ages 4-8 Saturday mornings at 9:30am-10:30am at Garvey's. Drop ins welcome
QR45 (or QR35 if parents attend the 9:30am Saturday morning Vinyasa class held at same time)
Introduction to Yoga for Teens (Ages 15-17 yrs)
We all know how stressful the teen years can be. In addition to the hormonal changes, social, academic and family stress often becomes overwhelming for teens. This stress can manifest itself in many different ways such as headaches, stomach aches, trouble sleeping, anger issues, inability to focus, irritability and even low self image. Teens are susceptible to many influences during this time, so finding ways to relax and to also become more confident in themselves is of great benefit.
Yoga has become increasingly popular among younger people as it builds awareness of the body. In yoga we work to restore the imbalances between our physical body and our mind through exercise, breathing techniques and meditation. It builds trust, self-confidence and positive feelings. Tuesdays with Jody QR60 3pm-4pm

The International Centre for Music
The International Centre for Music is Qatar's premier centre for performing arts.
We aim to provide the highest caliber of music education for gifted students from around the world, so that they may achieve their fullest potential as artists.
We are proud of the team of world class music educators that call ICM their home. As you become familiar with our educational programs, support, and services, you'll experience our passion for teaching music and developing educational resources. We offer group lessons in:Theory of Music, Ballet and Art

Scouting & Guiding

Cub Scouts (USA)

Cub Scouts is for boys between the ages of 7 and 10 or between the 1st and 5th grades in the American school system (2nd year through 6th year in the British system). Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting programs are found worldwide and all have a common mission to promote character development of young boys. Cub Scouting in Qatar is represented by Pack 3947 which is chartered to the Direct Service Council of the Boys Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is one of the largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations in the world. The BSA provides a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibility of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness. Although Pack 3947 is chartered to the BSA, this does not mean that only Americans can join. In fact, Pack 3947 enrolled over 75 boys last year from 14 different countries. What it does mean is that our program will be following the rules and guidelines set forth by the BSA. More information on the BSA can be found at
Contact information: The Cubmaster at [email protected] or 4411-3567

Girl Scouts (USA)
Since 1925, USA Girl Scouts Overseas has been serving American girls living overseas and girls attending American or international schools. USAGSO members enjoy the same excitement, fun and adventures in Girl Scouting as their stateside Girl Scout sisters. Girls relocating to another country will find that USAGSO provides them with the security of knowing that they’ll have an instant group of friends when they reach their new home. Girl Scouts of the USA is the world’s preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls—where, in an accepting and nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in the real world. In partnership with committed adult volunteers, girls develop qualities that will serve them all their lives, like leadership, strong values, social conscience, and conviction about their own potential and self-worth.
If you are interested in becoming a leader or if you have an interested daughter, grades KG - 12), please contact: Overseas Committee Chair, Margaret Grote at [email protected]

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Beavers (UK)
Beaver Scouts are aged between six and eight years old, and are the youngest members of the British Scout Association. They usually meet once a week and take part in a wide range of activities including games, crafts, singing, visits and good turns, along with plenty of outdoors activity. We will be starting a Beavers here at DESS from the Summer term on Thursdays 4.45 to 5.45pm. If you wish your son or daughter to come along and join us please contact me with their name and date of birth at [email protected] .

Cub Scouts (UK)
1st Doha Cubs is part of the British Scout Assocation. We provide activities, fun and games for boys and girls aged 8 - 10 half. The Cub programme is designed to develop all aspects of a young persons character and personality. Cubs is run by two fully warranted Cub Scout Leaders and supported by parents who help when they can. We meet each Thursday, from 4.30pm-6pm in the DESS small gym. Please contact us if your child would like to join the worldwide family of Scouting. Please contact Janet Barnett - [email protected]

Scouts (UK)
1st Doha Scout Group: (held at DESS)
The 1st Doha Scout Troop is part of British Scouts Overseas and meets weekly at DESS in the small gym at 5.00pm on Tuesdays during term time. The Troop has vacancies for boys and girls aged between 10½ to 14 years old; no previous scouting experience is required. We cover a wide range of activities aimed at developing young people with pursuits they might not necessarily encounter at school or elsewhere. The onus is on the troop members themselves to take the initiative and plan their own activities, supervised by our two qualified Scout Leaders. If your son or daughter is interested in joining the Worldwide Family of Scouting (currently at 28 million members), then please get in contact with the Scout Leader, Colin Tye, known as Skip, at [email protected] with their name and date of birth. There is lots of fun to be had, friends to be made and challenges to accomplish.

Brownies: (held at DESS)
Please contact Sarah Tose - [email protected]

Girl Guides:
Please contact Judy Mond - [email protected]

Horse Riding

Horse riding at Al Samariyah Equestrian Centre (ASEC)

Kids, adults, beginner or advanced, every one is welcome at ASEC. The riding school is located next to the museum of Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al-Thani on the Dukhan Road in Al Shahaniyah.
At ASEC it is possible to join group lessons or to have private lessons. We organize promenades in the forest, competitions, clinics, pony days / camps and lessons as after-school activity. It is also possible to celebrate your birthday at ASEC or to have a team building day with us. There are opportunities to lease a horse or stable your own horse here. For more information please contact us or visit the stables.Email  [email protected] or visit their Facebook page

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Racing & Equestrian Club

Al Shaqab Riding Club

The Riding Academy is a vital community asset for Qatar. Its role is to educate and promote horsemanship as part of the country’s famed equestrian heritage. Through a diverse range of riding lessons and equine training, future generations of equestrian competitors and enthusiasts are being developed. Instruction is available for all skill levels starting with students six-years-old and older. The popularity of riding is increasing in Qatar and further programs are being developed to facilitate the growing demands. For further information on becoming a member, contact: [email protected]

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