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Explore the Northern Coastline of Qatar

Here are five wonderful places to add to your next road trip on the Northern coastline of Qatar.

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6 March 2020

Last updated on 8 March 2020
Christine Sperr at ExpatWoman
by Christine Sperr
Explore the Northern Coastline of Qatar

Looking to explore sights beyond the city? Discover these five interesting spots in Qatar.

If city life is becoming too routine, it might be time to take a road trip in Qatar and discover the unique sites of the northern coastline.

Pack a lunch and head out for the day to immerse yourself in nature.

Fuwairit Beach

Located 85 km north of Doha towards Al Shamal Road, Fuwairit Beach offers white, sandy beaches and tranquil, aquamarine-coloured sea.

It is a protected area as it is a Haksbill Turtle nesting site so access is closed for nesting season which is from approximately May to September. It is an ideal location to pitch a tent, barbeque with friends/family and enjoy the expansive white sand beach.

During the winter to spring, it is an ideal location to kitesurf and you can find numerous enthusiasts sporting their jumps and flips. Please note there are no bathroom facilities and the closest petrol station is approximately a 10-minute drive away.

Also, there are no shops or stalls selling food or drinks so it is best to bring your own. Access has improved and while you can access the beach by sedan, a 4x4 is recommended.

Explore the Northern Coastline of Qatar

Fuwairat Beach in Qatar

Al Gharya Beach

Al Gharya Beach is located just north of Fuwairit Beach.

The shoreline is more rocky than Fuwairit and the water has seasonal plants drift up to the beach.

Explore the Northern Coastline of Qatar

It is less crowded than Fuwairit Beach as there are often more locals than tourists along the coastline. The Al Gharya Resort offers rooms and facilities, however, the property is neglected and reviews are mixed.

Just outside of the resort is a families only beach with thatch gazebos and picnic tables along the beach.

Explore the Northern Coastline of Qatar

Private Qatari Camps

Upon first visit, it is startling to see large portions of the coastline sectioned off with private camps.

The Qatari Governments offer seasonal leases for Qataris only from 1 September to 31 March.

Explore the Northern Coastline of Qatar

Once the plot is leased, the occupants can temporarily erect walls demarking camps that contain tents, ATVs, boats, generators and even some are replete with climbing walls and farm animals. During the summer months, the camps are removed and the coast is open for strolling and camping.


Zakreet is a village, the name is derived from the Arabic work “zikra” which translates to “memories,” on the north-western coast of Qatar near Dukhan, approximately 80 km north-west of Doha.

It is sparsely inhabited and there are no restaurants or restroom facilities in the area so it is wise to take your own food and beverages. Peaceful beaches accentuated by interesting rock formations await.

The roads are sand packed and soft in several areas so a 4x4 is highly recommended. Ensure to visit the ‘Lost City’ which contains reconstructed ruins that sit atop a limestone cliff overlooking the sea. This location offers fascinating landforms that are ideal for photo backdrops. Also in the area is Film City, which is a replica town build for the Arabic TV series “Sons of Wolves.”

It located in the middle of desert, surrounded by palm trees, and has long been abandoned except for a watchman and a few entreneurs selling drinks and snacks.

Steel Sculptures in the Desert

While in the area, one must not miss Richard Serra’s sculptures titled “East-West/West-East”, which is a set of four standing steel plates rolled in Germany, shipped via Antwerp and transported to the desert and erected in an isolated landscape.

Located in Ras Abrouq, or commonly known as Bir Zekreet, it is another popular camping and swimming area for those seeking solitude.