Cost Of Living In Qatar |

Cost Of Living In Qatar

Cost Of Living: how much will it cost to live in Doha? What is the average rent for a villa or flat? How much are school fees?

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22 July 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Cost Of Living In Qatar

We've looked at the average costs of things like flat and villa rental, car hire versus car purchase, average school fees cost, utilities and clothes shopping and all the everyday things you are going to need living in Qatar.

We have taken the mid-price for all the items listed, so you may be able to go cheaper or you may end up paying more. At least this will give you a rough idea of how much things cost in Qatar and what you are likely to be spending money on. It pays to do your sums when you're an expat to make sure you can afford to live where you are moving to.

Here is a rough estimate on the things that you will need like a home rental, groceries and furniture. Below, we list some things that you might not need or that you could get cheaper. You should have a budget, just so that you know how to manage your savings and to get the most out of your life in Qatar.

Monthly Cost of Living in Qatar

Monthly Cost of Living


Villa 3 Bed


Flat 3 Bed


School Nursery - per annum


School Primary - per annum


School Secondary - per annum


Car - small used 2013


Car - 4x4 used 2013


Fuel per month - small car


Fuel per month - large car


Furniture for 2 bed apartment


Groceries for a couple








TV Package


Obviously a lot of this will depend on your needs. For example, a basic television package is a lot cheaper than one with all the movie and sports channels. The same is true of mobile packages. Some people only spend QR 150 as they use a monthly data bundle and talk on social media, hence they spend less on their talk packages.

The cost of entertainment also depends solely on you. If you like to socialize in pubs, bars and nightclubs, then you are looking at spending around QR 40 for a beer and up to QR 80 on a cocktail. However, if you are more into the cinema scene, you will spend a lot less. Gym memberships cost around QR 300 per month, but compounds and apartment buildings usually have gyms for the residents’ use.