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Traditional Qatari Attire

If you want to know more about the local national and traditional clothing of Qatar, we all the information you need.

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22 July 2013

Last updated on 19 February 2020
Traditional Qatari Attire

The Qataris are conservative people whose traditions form the basis of their dress and although modern times have seen the change in their national dress with more and more western designers catering to the needs of the Arab people, their attire still remains in the confines of what is traditional.

If you are moving to Qatar it is good that you get acquainted with what the nationals wear, it will help new expatriates acclimatize to the cultural society and way of life of the local people in Qatar.

Traditional Qatar attire for men

The men traditionally wear a thobe, a long garment that is shaped much like a shirt. The men take great pride in their thobe and it is always perfectly pressed and exceptionally clean. The fabric of the thobe is light in summer but a more heavy fabric is worn in the colder months to compensate for the weather.

Young boys wear a, embroidered cap called a gahfeya on their heads while men wear a guthra. thobe.

Traditional Qatari Attire

Man wearing a thobe.

The guthra is a square piece of fabric that is usually checkered with red and white or black and white squares. In winter the men sometimes opt for a cream cashmere guthra for the purposes of keeping warm.

The guthra is held in place by a twice looped coil called the iqal. Traditionally the iqal had a dual function, it was used by Bedouin men to secure their camel’s feet at night while sleeping.

Traditional Qatar attire for women

The women of Qatar traditionally wear an abaya, which is a long black cloak that is worn over clothing. More traditional ladies generally wear a dress called a djelabia under their abaya.

The younger generations tend to wear more westernized but conservative clothing under their abayas. It is a very personal choice what the woman chooses to wear under her abaya.

Traditional Qatari Attire

Women wearing abaya.

Like the thobe, an abaya of thicker fabric can be worn during the winter months. Qatari women cover their hair with a scarf called the hijab.

More conservative women also wear a burqa which covers their face.

The Qatari nationals are warm and welcoming friendly people who value customs and tradition.

Traditional Qatari Attire

A Bedouin woman wearing a burqa.

While they respect all the cultures that live in their country it is a sign of respect that expatriates respect their conservative nature and dress appropriately as well.

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