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Home Mail Deliveries Now Possible in Qatar

Q-Post has launched a new service that allows mail to be delivered to your home, instead of picking it up at the post office.

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4 April 2017

Last updated on 6 June 2017
Home Mail Deliveries Now Possible in Qatar

Following years of discussions, a new home delivery service for PO Box holders has been launched by Qatar’s state-run service.

This service saves customers from having to go to the post office to get their letters and packages. Qatar Post (Q-Post) will now be delivering them to residents’ homes one to six times per week.

But it doesn’t come without a cost. Q-Post will be charging a fee for subscription.

There’s an annual subscription fee of QR500, in addition to:

  • QR500 for once a week delivery
  • QR1,500 for three times a week delivery
  • QR3,000 for six times a week delivery

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How to subscribe

Interested customers will need to download and fill out this application. Then, you will need to go to any Q-Post branch to complete your registration.

New services

This service is the latest update from several others that Q-Post has been working on. They have been trying to make their system more consumer-friendly.

A service called Connected was launched last year in an attempt to compete with Aramex. It basically allows residents to rent virtual addresses abroad, which makes shopping online much more accessible.

Another service they started is the smart locker rental service, allowing residents to get their deliveries from places like malls and school campuses.