Paying Court Fines at Qatar's Airport Now Possible |

Paying Court Fines at Qatar's Airport Now Possible

Residents in Qatar will now not be held up by unpaid fines as they can pay the on the sport and get on with their journey.

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30 January 2017

Last updated on 6 June 2017
Paying Court Fines at Qatar's Airport Now Possible

No more getting held up at the airport for forgotten fines...

Qatar residents who get stopped at the Hamad International Airport (HIA) due to unpaid fines can now simply pay them on the spot.

This new service is possible at the newly opened Public Prosecution office in HIA. This is one of many efforts taken to facilitate the quick processing of issues that might prevent people from exiting the country.

The office does have staff but there is a hassle-free self-service kiosk available 24/7 to process all payments and it can be done within a few minutes. Residents can even pay off bounced cheques at the office.

It’s important to note however that only travel bans issued by the public prosecutor’s office can be taken care of. Bans originating from any other government authority cannot be resolved at HIA. This new office will also be taking care of crimes on airplanes, such as smoking on-board.

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Residents can expect a similar office branch to open near the Saudi border at the Abu Samra crossing.

The Qatari government has been taking several steps to improve its judicial system and offer speedier services. Other efforts include setting up a system where residents can receive court verdicts via SMS as well as digitally archiving court cases and posting them online.