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QDC Customers Urged to Stock Up Before Prices Increase

If you have a liquor licence in Qatar, your monthly quota has now increased for a limited time.

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26 March 2017

Last updated on 26 March 2017
QDC Customers Urged to Stock Up Before Prices Increase
Qatar Distribution Co. (QDC), Qatar’s only alcohol store, has recently been urging customers to stock up on alcohol to take advantage of the current prices before they increase.

This follows the news that a new “sin” tax is going to be implemented in the country, covering all goods harmful to human health and the environment as well as some luxury goods, including fast food, cigarettes and alcohol.

Although the prices are already high, the prices of alcohol is likely to increase as import taxes are expected to double. It’s also expected that hotels will be affected by the new taxes.

Increased allowance

Normally, residents with liquor licences have a set monthly allowance which is based on a percentage of their income.

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However, starting April 1, the QDC is allowing residents to buy three times their normal quota. This increase in quota usually only happens before the QDC shuts down, such as before closing for the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Since the fasting month is only set to begin end of May, this is rather an unusual move.

Purchasing wine

Selective taxes

The new sin taxes were approved as a draft law last month, but there is still no official date as to when it will be implemented. However, officials has stated that it could be as early as April.

This tax is separate from the GCC value-added tax (VAT) that will come into effect next year across the Gulf nations.