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Say Hello to Christine, Our New Country Manager

Our team has expanded, bringing the best of ExpatWoman to those of you living here

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9 October 2019

Last updated on 9 October 2019
Christine Sperr at ExpatWoman
by Christine Sperr
Christine Sperr at ExpatWoman

We have a new team member here at ExpatWoman, who has set-up camp in Doha!

Moving abroad in a foreign country is never an easy feat, to begin with; there's a lot of red-tape, cultural norms, processes, and social etiquette you need to become familiar with.

This website, dedicated to life as an expat in Qatar, aims to help you with all of this. Today, we're happy to announce that we have a new team member located in the country's capital to help you with all of the things expat life throws at you.

Read on to learn more about our new Country Manager in Qatar!

"My name is Christine Sperr, and I have newly relocated to Doha from Dubai. My husband has been on a project in Doha for nearly three years, and it looks like it will continue until the World Cup. So my 9-year-old son, Eric, and I decided to pack our home, ship our pets, and set-up home all together in Doha.

It is never easy relocating to a new country, however, it is exciting to explore everything that is new, and also have the chance to reinvent yourself.

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I am originally from Colorado, USA, and went to university in Boulder, Colorado. I have worked for 27 years in the relocation industry in the US, Thailand, UAE, Switzerland, and Italy. My husband is German and is an entrepreneur and engineer. Our son, Eric, has started at Hamilton International School here in Doha and is thoroughly enjoying it. When he's not in school, you'll find him on the football (or soccer) pitch!

Throughout my two stints spanning 11 years in Dubai, I have worked with ExpatWoman closely and have always appreciated their market reach, drive, and integrity with content, inventive ideas and the overall ethos of the company.

I'm excited about this opportunity to join the team and 're-launch' ExpatWoman here in Qatar. It is our goal to help connect women and expatriates living or moving to the Middle East with communities in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, and now Qatar. We do this by providing meaningful content on our website, organising events and utilising social media to support women in every-day life abroad.

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I look forward to building ExpatWoman in Qatar, and hope that you will support us by registering on our website here or by joining our Facebook group, called Expat Women in Qatar. It's a great place to talk to other expats living here, ask questions and seek recommendations, and discover everything there is to know about being an expat in Qatar.

We ask you that you please sign-up and share these with your friends! And I look forward to meeting you around Doha.