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5 Must-Have Summer Spa Treatments in Qatar

Summer in Qatar is the prime time for ramping up on beauty and wellness treatments, and here are five to schedule right now.

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3 March 2020

Last updated on 10 March 2020
5 Spa Treatments That Are More Effective During Summer in Qatar

We take a look at five spa treatments that work wonders during Qatar's hotter months...

In our opinion, any day can be a spa day, but you can't beat seasonal beauty treatments that will revitalise and refresh you during the hotter months in Qatar. While most treatments are available throughout the year, we've found the ones that are more effective come summertime.

With an increase in sun exposure as the weather gets warmer, the dry desert climate that can damage your hair and skin, and the heat that might mean more sweat and oil production... there's no better time to book a treat-yourself day at the spa.

So if you're experiencing dry skin, limp hair, an oily complexion, or you're just feeling haggard from all the hot summer blues, have a look at these top spa treatments in Qatar that can boost your wellness, beauty, and skin health.

5. Body waxing and hair removal

Body waxing and other hair removal treatments are an excellent option for smooth skin while it's hot out.

It's also the perfect complement to days at the beach and airy summer attire.

5 Spa Treatments That Are Better During Summer in Qatar

4. Facials

Qatar's desert climate can seriously dry out your skin, especially the more sun exposure you get. Opt for a hydrating facial to keep your complexion dewy, fresh, and moisturised.

Oxygen facials are also a fantastic choice, as the stream of oxygen infused with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients result in a smoother, plumper look.

3. Foot treatments

Over the hot summer, people with open shoes might experience dry and callused feet, while others who prefer sneakers or boots may experience foot pain.

That's when spa treatments such as a foot massage, scrub, exfoliation, and pedicure can bring some rest and beauty back to your feet. It's also sandal season, so painted toes are popular at this time of the year.

5 Spa Treatments That Are Better During Summer in Qatar

2. Body wraps

Body wraps are a handy quick fix for summer. The spa treatment is relaxing and leaves your body feeling incredibly smooth. There are also a variety of body wrap treatments available, including moisturing (using different lotions and scrubs), detoxing (using mud, seaweed, etc.), slimming (when the material is wrapped tightly around your body), and cellulite (using herbal remedies).

It's a fabulous pick for summer as it can encourage the body to reduce toxins and excess fluids.

1. Sugaring

If you want softer and hair-free skin this summer, look no further than the natural, organic process of sugaring, where lemon juice, sugar, rose water, and honey is used as wax.

Simply apply the wax, wait for it to dry, then rub it off.