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Qatar Health Care Guide

Qatar Health Care system has a facility for everyone, they help all, nationals or non-national they will help you...

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22 July 2013

Last updated on 19 June 2017
Qatar Health Care Guide

The healthcare in Qatar can be compared to that of the rest of the developed world. The country has a healthcare outlet for every type of person (national or non-national). There are an array of different healthcare facilities including both public and private hospitals and clinics, speciality hospitals, cosmetic suregeries and the like. 

Hamad Medical Corporation

Healthcare services in Qatar are provided by public healthcare providers, such as the Hamdan Medical Corporation (HMC) and other private healthcare providers. The Supreme Council of health in Qatar does not provide healthcare directly, it is the body responsible for overlooking the healthcare in the country.

Sidra Medical

Sidra Medical and Research Center will be  an ultramodern, all-digital academic medical center which will set new standards in patient care for women and children in Qatar, the Gulf region and internationally.

Sidra will work closely with its academic partner Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar (WCMC-Q) and Hamad Medical Corporation in regard to all three missions, raising the standard of health care throughout the country and providing valuable opportunities for research and learning. Sidra is part of a dynamic research and education environment in Qatar that includes leading international institutions, such as Georgetown University, as well as other newly established national research centers.

Some of the well known HMC hospitals are:

• Women’s Hospital (Generally Gynaecology and Obstetrics)

• Al Khor hospital (Ranges Form Dermatology, Obstetrics to Dental & Plastic Surgery)

• Al Amal Oncology Hospital (Cancer treatment- detection therapy counseling, Rehabilitation & Education)

• Hamad General Hospital (Surgery, Pediatrics Laboratory Medicine and Pathology)

• Rumailah Hospital (Plastic Surgery, ENT and ophthalmology)

Health care services are free for Qatari nationals, however, expatriates will have to pay for the use of medial and dental facilities.

Alternative medicine is not recognised and is banned by the Ministry of health. Nationals and expatriates seeking this type of treatment travel abroad to places known for particular treatments.

List of Clinics & Health Centres

Abu Bakar Clinic    Contact Number: 4468 1795

Abu Hamour Health Centre    Contact Numbrer: 4469 1261

Airport Health Center    Contact Number: 4467 5633

Al Gharrafa Health Centre    Contact Number: 4488 6348

Al Montaza Health Centre    Contact Number: 4443 5784

Apollo Clinic    Contact Number: 4441 8441

Al Jazira Polyclinic    Contact Number: 4435 1155

Al Rafa Polyclinic    Contact Number: 4444 0499

Al Shahaniya Clinic    Contact Number: 4471 8995

Al Shefa Polyclini    Contact Number: 4466 0330

Doha Chiropractic Centre    Contact Number: 4456 0012

Elaj Medical Center    Contact Number: 4443 1254
Euro Clinic    Contact Number: 4444 0156
Elites Medical Complex    Contact Number: 4467 3043

Qatar Medical Center    Contact Number: 4444 0606

Umm Bab health Centre    Contact Number: 4471 1704

Pediatric Emergency Centre    Contact Number: 4439 2948

Radiology Department    Contact Number: 4439 3876

West Bay health Centre    Contact Number: 4438 7788

List of Government Hospitals

Al Amal Oncology Hospital    Contact Number: 4439 7830

Hamad General Hospital    Contact Number: 4439 4444

Al Rumailah Hospital    Contact Number: 4439 2222

Women's Hospital    Contact Number: 4439 6666

List of Private Clinics & Health Centers

Al Ahli Hospital    Contact Number: 4489 8888

Al Emadi Hospital    Contact Number: 4466 6009

American Hospital    Contact Number: 4442 1999

Doha Clinic Hospital    Contact Number: 4438 4333

Family Medical Centre    Contact Number: 4431 0707

Consultant Dental Center    Contact Number: 4467 7166

Health Cards

Health cards are issued after you have received your resident permit. Everyone can apply for a health card even if you have private medical insurance, as you will need this card if you need treatment at any of the government facilities. The health card will have your Qatar ID number, nationality, photo, and expiration date printed on it. It is only used at government hospitals and clinics. Your employer should arrange for this card, but if not, obtaining it is quite easy. You canapply on line at, by simply following the instructions, pay using a credit card, and the card will be delivered to you, within one or two days.

Alternatively, you could go to the Health Card Office at the Rumeila Hospital or the nearest government health facility and complete the necessary forms. They will need to be accompanied by two photos, a copy of your Qatar ID card and a fee of QR 100. The card should be ready in two to three weeks and the receipt for the fee may be used at health care facilities until the card is issued. The health card will only be valid for the same length of time as your residence visa.

One of the best places to renew your health card is the Post Office. For a fee of QR 100, you may submit your old health card, one photo, plus a copy of your Qatar ID card, and they will let you know when to collect your new card by putting a notice in your post box.