Buying a Car |

Buying a Car

Cars in Qatar are relatively cheap & the process of buying is simple. Here's the process that you go through to buy a car in Qatar

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22 July 2013

Last updated on 19 June 2017
Buying a Car

Only residents can buy cars in Qatar. Cars are quite affordable as they are imported duty free. Both the new and used car market in Qatar is huge, the number of expatriates living in Qatar contribute considerably to this market. Salwa road has many used car dealers and is the most popular.

Negotiation on your part will most certainly land you a good deal and as always, check for the manufacturer's guarantee. All it takes to transfer the ownership is for yourself and the current owner to go to the traffic department together and complete the required paperwork.

List of Used Car Dealers:

  • Abdullah Abdul Ghani & Bros Co  - (4443 7000)

  • Advantage Used Cars (Jaidah Motors) - (4446 6878)

  • Al Fardan Automobiles - (4446 3500)

  • Al Mana Used Car Company - (4467 3444)

  • Doha Marketing Service Co. - (4447 7900)

  • Mannai Trading Pre-owned Cars - (4455 8719)

  • New Cars Center (Used Car Sales) - (4431 4685)

  • Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co. - (4488 8618)

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New cars are registered by the dealers. Upon registration, a registration card is issued with the owner's details, vehicle specifications and insurance. The registration card has to be renewed yearly.

Used cars can be re-registered at the Traffic Department on Al Khalifa Street. An application form completed in Arabic must be submitted at the registration counter. After paying the QR 20, you will be issued with a new registration card.