Guide to Traffic Offences and Penalties in Qatar |

Guide to Traffic Offences and Penalties in Qatar

As a driver in Qatar, it's important to keep informed about traffic offences so you can avoid them. Here's the most common ones.

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22 July 2013

Last updated on 19 June 2017
Guide to Traffic Offences and Penalties in Qatar

In order to curb the high number of road deaths and reckless accidents, the Qatari government has put in efforts in the past few years to make the traffic law strict in. The system here is a points-based system and includes severe penalties which can lead to a driving ban.

Qatar roads

The law

1. When a driver reaches 14 points, a diving licence may be suspended for three months.
2. If after the first ban the same person gathers a further 12 points, their driving license will be suspended for six months,
3. Nine months on the accumulation of the next 10 points.
4. One year for the next eight points.
5. Ultimately, their driving license will be cancelled if the driver then accumulates another six points.

Once a driving licence has been cancelled, it can only be issued again once the driver has re-taken his driving test.

In addition to the points, monetary fines can be, and are, severe.

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A major difference between Qatar and most Western countries is that drivers are not informed here when a driving offence has been committed. Therefore, it is vitally important that you check regularly to see if there is an offence against your vehicle. If you do not check regularly and you try to leave the country with a fine outstanding, then it is likely that you will not be allowed to leave the country until it has been paid.

Luckily, with access to the internet, it is very easy for you to check to see if any offences have been committed. The easiest way is to do it here on the Ministry of Interior (“MOI”) website

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Enter your plate number and click submit. If there are no violations, it will state “No Violations” or alternatively a list will appear. Each offence will have a reference number, date, time, description (sometimes blank), location and number of points incurred together with the amount of the fine. There is an option at the bottom of the list called “settlement of fines.”

Alternatively, there are a number of MOI booths located in and around Doha where you can settle the violations and have your points added to your licence (such as the City Centre mall).

The following is just a selection of offences that are currently in force together with the number of points associated with each one.

Getting a ticket

Offence Points

Offence Points Fine (QR)
Jumping a red light 7 6000
Driving in the opposite direction 6 6000
Exceeding the maximum speed 4 500 + 100 for every 10km/h over
Not using the turn signal in advance 0 300
Driving with licence that hasn't been renewed 0 1500
Driving with suspended licence 3 3000
Driving an unregistered vehicle 2 3000
Driving a vehicle without number plates 3 3000
Unauthorised changes made to number plates 3 1500
Blocking the flow of traffic intentionally 3 500
Driver or front seat passenger aren't wearing a seat belt 0 500
Using mobile phone while driving 0 500
Parking offence 3 300
Driving without a licence or refusing to give it to the police 1 500

Other useful websites

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Enjoy your time here in Doha, don’t be afraid to get out there and explore, it really is worth the effort. Stay safe and happy motoring!