Vets and Pet Services in Doha, Qatar |

Vets and Pet Services in Doha, Qatar

Vets & Pet Services In Doha- list of all the vets, pet sitting and animal shelters in Doha

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22 July 2013

Last updated on 19 June 2017
Vets and Pet Services in Doha, Qatar


Vetinary Surgeries

the vetinary surgery doha

The Vetinary Surgery/ Doha Vets
The Veterinary Surgery is the oldest animal hospital in Doha with 4 licensed veterinarians from Australia,Canada, and UK , treating all types of pets and animals. Your pet's health and well being is very important to us and we will take every step to give your pet the best possible care.

The Veterinary Surgery is a full service animal hospital and will take both emergency cases as well as less urgent medical, surgical, and dental issues. The Veterinary Surgery is a team work of experienced vets in all types of conditions and treatments. Beyond first rate pet care, we make our clinic comfortable, kid-friendly, and a very calm environment so your pet can relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting his or her own veterinarian.

The best veterinary care for animals is ongoing nutrition and problem prevention. If you want to ask a question call 4436-7187 or email us and we'll promptly get back to you. At The Veterinary Surgery, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

Opening Hours:
Saturday To Thursday
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Friday- Closed

To make an appointment please call 4436 7187
For emergency services (only) out of clinic hours Please call 5584 1224
Email: [email protected]

park view pet centre

Park View Pet Centre

To make sure that we provide the best in clinical care, we’ve invested in a range of equipment which is unrivalled in Qatar. Our highly-qualified vets work to the highest international standards, using the latest techniques, which involve less pain for the patient, minimize the risk of infection, and make recovery time as short and safe as possible.

Our range of services, including our pet salon, spacious ‘pet hotel rooms’, and retail store packed with goodies you wont find elsewhere in Qatar, have all been created to make sure that your visit to Park View Pet Center will be a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

Phone: +974 44171560
Emergency +974 55099494
Location: 30 Al Hedaya Street. Madinat Khalifa North. Doha, Qatar
Hours: Saturday - Thursday 08:00am - 08:00pm

qatar vets centre doha

Qatar Vetinary Centre
The best vets for your best friend..... Proudly NZ co-owned and operated
At Qatar Vet Center we are 100% committed to our community, both the animal and human variety. We strive to provide high quality care with outstanding and friendly service. We are all here to help, to listen, to advise and to understand. Our professionally qualified vets, nurses and International transport staff offer an extensive range of Veterinary services and friendly advice to ensure that your pet receives the very best treatment and care. This, together with investment in the very latest equipment, sets us apart in the provision of quality Veterinary care in the Middle East.

For consultations by appointment or for enquiries please call 4016 1366
For emergencies after hours please call 6667 5235
Email: [email protected]

Dr Faris Vet

Dr. Faris Al Timimi Clinic
Dr Faris's clinic is nestled in one of the most recently developed areas of modern Doha: THE CULTURAL VILLAGE, in the West Bay area. At the Clinic, we understand that your pet is an important member of your family, and they deserve nothing less than the best veterinary care. That is why you can be sure to find top of the line healthcare solutions and so much more for your pets well-being at our clinic. We look forward to meeting you and your pet, and welcoming you into our family of compassionate
and caring professionals.

Phone: 44081491 / 44081492
Mobile: 77119770

Canadian Veterinary Hospital

Canadian Veterinary Hospital!
The team at the Canadian Veterinary Hospital is passionate about strengthening the human-animal bond in Doha, providing long-term, personal care for patients and their families. The goal with every patient is to listen to the owner’s concerns, thoroughly assess the patient, accurately diagnose them and make them better .... the team advocates for all their patients.

Location: Arab League Street, Doha, Qatar
Phone: 4411 8850
Email: [email protected]

Pet Sitting and Kenneling Services

Pampered Pets Doha

Pampered Pets, Kennels and Cattery
Anna, Steve and Leigh Bowers, owners of Pampered Pets Kennel (PPK-2003) strive to provide a loving and caring environment for each of their animal companion boarders. They establish this “home away from home” by paying very close attention to the individual needs of each cat and dog entrusted to their care. The animals are not just boarders but often become extended family members. Pampered Pets Kennel caretakers provide the 3 daily walks, the hugs and kisses, the playtime and socialization necessary in keeping your animal companion happy, safe and loved while you are away.

Email:[email protected]

At your services doha

At Your Services Doha
At Your Service Doha was set up to provide responsible and comprehensive pet and home care for Doha's busy professionals. We recognise that not everyone wants to put their pets into boarding while they are away, and that most pets will be happier staying in their own homes. We are a team of animal-loving Western expats, with extensive experience in looking after pets. Between us we have 16 pets, and will look after yours like they're our own!

Email: [email protected]

Animal Shelters

2nd chance rescue

2nd Chance Rescue Facebook Page>>

2nd Chance Rescue was founded in 2009 to provide a new start for some of the abused, abandoned, and unwanted dogs in Qatar. The shelter is managed by a small committee of volunteers, and 2 full time workers, who care for the dogs and prepare them for their fresh start in life.

Our capacity is around 20 dogs, but at present we have 65 so the shelter is severely overcrowded. In winter, some of the dogs can live outside, but in summer, the hot weather means that the dogs have to be kept indoors most of the time, which makes life more difficult for them. For the time being we simply can't take any more, no matter how how heart breaking their plight might be. So our main priority at the moment is to find more families willing to adopt....

We do our best however, to give the dogs a good life while they are with us. They are walked around the farm twice daily. They have an unlimited supply of food. They have pools to cool down in after a long walk. And best of all, from time to time, they get to run free around the field behind the shelter, to play and chase each other, to chase the birds, and generally behave like carefree happy dogs should.

While we want all our dogs to find secure and loving homes as quickly as possible, we are extremely cautious and our approach to adoptions is simple: our dogs are our clients and we put their interests first. It's not enough for potential adopters to be dog lovers; they need to meet the criteria we set for the dog's housing, exercise and health needs. When a dog is adopted, we stay in contact with their new family and give them whatever support they need to create a 'happy ending' to that dog's story.

At 2nd Chance, we believe in community and are very appreciative and welcoming of anyone who would like to donate their time and efforts to 2nd Chance Rescue. If you are interested in learning more about becoming involved in our Volunteer Program, please send us an email [email protected]. Come and join us in offering our animals a 2nd Chance.

qaws qatar


QAWS was founded in 2004 to help the stray & abandoned animals in Qatar. In 2009 QAWS became member societies for SSN and MENAW and was accepted as a WSPA member society in 2010. Funded purely by public donations, the shelter is a temporary home to over 150 animals looking for new families, and is a permanent home to over 50 animals that are not suitable for rehoming for one reason or another.

QAWS is always looking for new volunteers to help with dog walking, cat cuddling, bathing, brushing, cleaning, feeding & general maintenance. We are also looking for volunteers willing to help with fund-raising, administration & other general duties. QAWS works alongside Dogs in Doha & Cats in Qatar to ensure that as many animals as possible get a second chance at a family. Please see the Discussions board for contact details.

For enquiries regarding volunteering at QAWS, or to be added onto our mailing list, please email [email protected]

If you are ready to give home to abandoned cats & dogs in the State of Qatar or have any queries pertaining to pet adoption, please contact QAWS (Qatar Qatar Animal Welfare Society)

Phone: +974 5 539 6074
Email: [email protected]

cats in qatar charity

Cats In Qatar
We are an animal care group aimed at helping homeless/abandoned cats and kittens in Qatar. CIQ was founded in September 2010 and is entirely run by volunteers who donate their time and resources to helping out our feline friends. We are a non-profit organization that operates through a foster-based network. We do NOT have a shelter! We also promote Trap Neuter Return (TNR) for street cats. Cats in Qatar (CIQ) is a a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping foster, care for and rehome cats in Qatar. We are NOT government funded, we raise money ourselves to support our efforts and depend greatly on the kindness of the community. We are entirely run by volunteers (with 'other' full time jobs) who donate their time to helping out our feline friends. We operate through a foster based network to rehome rescued cats and kittens.

qatar pet registry

Qatar Pet Registry

Qatar's first National microchip registry. This website was created to support the Qatari government policy to ensure all pets are microchipped and registered. We are autonomous and independent of any business or animal rescue organisation to ensure equal access to all for the fast and safe return of lost pets at the earliest possible time. Registering your animal with us helps to reduce the time you are separated from your beloved pet. Doha is growing at an amazing pace and this site hopes to give you some peace of mind.

If your pet is micro chipped, REGISTER NOW. Its a simple process and takes not more than 5 minutes. Best of all IT'S FREE !!! ...........and forever will be. For more info email us : [email protected]

at your service doha

At Your Service Pet Adoption

As we love pets so much, we can't help but rescue some of those in need - and those who decide to adopt us temporarily!

We have a number of rescue cats that we are looking after and who are desperately looking for a loving home. Each of them has his or her own story and we love them so much that we want to find them a loving home to make them as happy as all our furry friends are.

Fostering and/or Adopting

Because we know how important it is to match up feline and human personalities (and you just never know if a relationship will work out, right?), we are happy for you to foster our rescue cats on a short-term basis to see if you suit each other, before committing to adopting them or any other long-term relationship. Or you may just want to regularly foster them. It is important to us that you are all happy.

Our terms are as follows:

•You commit to a minimum foster period of 1 month if possible (as it will take them a few weeks to settle in)
•You provide them with a safe and quiet environment and feed, water and clean their litter in accordance with responsible pet care practices
•We will provide their supplies during the minimum foster period
•We will take them back at the end of the foster period, or sooner if the relationship is not working out ...
•We get them vet-checked before placing them in your home
•Each of our rescue cats has been vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed/neutered in accordance with responsible pet care practices
•Oh, and we will meet you and visit your home before the little guys move in - just to make sure you are a good fit for the little cats and your home is kitty safe

Go on, give it a go. You may have lots of fun and get lots of cuddles from them.....
If you can help, get in touch with us.
We will also offer discounted services to our lovely rescue cats when they are vacationing during their foster period or living permanently in your home (if you adopt them).
Please note: When you do adopt a pet, you have to be a serious pet lover and be prepared to give them a forever home. Pets are for life - not just for fun or to keep you company while you are in Doha and then to be dumped or left behind! Pets have feelings too!

Find out more here>>

Dogs in Doha

Dogs In Doha
Dogs in Doha caters for a maximum of 25 dogs in foster families, 2nd Chance Rescue has space for 110 dogs, Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS) houses between 75 and 100 dogs at anyone time.
In addition, independent rescuers help an unknown number of dogs found scavenging on building sites across the country.  But as one dog finds a home, another fills the vacancy. 
Dogs in Doha does not have a shelter and relies on a small number of temporary foster families who care for the dogs we rescue.  Therefore, we are not always able to take an animal in need under our wing.  However, as a grass roots community of animal lovers, we are here to guide and assist anyone who has rescued an animal.  We will try to help you to find a foster home and/or forever home locally and worldwide for the dog you have rescued.  

Email: [email protected]
Phone: Rolga at 66184924/ 66776841
Open Saturday -Thursday 8am - 5pm Fridays closed!!!