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10 Signs Summer Has Started in Qatar

Qatar's summers can be a bit difficult to handle. If you’ve ever spent summer in the country, you’ll definitely relate.

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11 May 2017

Last updated on 21 August 2017
10 Signs Summer Has Started in Qatar

Much like the rest of the GCC, Qatar’s summers can be a little bit difficult to deal with. At first, you enjoy the sun and clear skies, but as the temperatures rises, you start questioning how you will ever survive the sizzling heat.

If you haven’t been paying attention, here are some signs that summer is upon us!

1. You decide not to bring a cardigan with you

But then you quickly realise that wasn't very smart...


2. The AC is on 24/7

The “turn it up/turn it down” AC arguments ensue with colleagues.

AC arguments

3. You have two hot taps

It’s hot or…hot.


Hot tap water

4. You turned off the water heater

There’s just no point anymore…

Hot water

5. Your car feels like an oven

The first few minutes after entering the car feel like you’re melting.

Too hot

6. And you burn yourself just trying to hold the steering wheel

And those leather seats, what were you even thinking?

Hot steering wheel

7. Your sunglasses fog up the minute you step outside

The struggle is real.

Foggy glasses

8. Outdoor plans are out of the question

Yes, sure, you just remembered that really important thing you had to do...

Too busy

9. The sand at the beach burns your feet

And you hop quickly into the water, just to find out it’s just as warm.

Hot sand

10. You start asking yourself the one question you ask every year around this time…

“Why is it so hot so soon?”