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8 Stunning Photos of Lightning in Qatar

Thunderstorms are not very common in Doha, so it's no surprise when some residents were excited about it.

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21 March 2017

Last updated on 13 June 2017
8 Stunning Photos of Lightning in Qatar
Rainy weather has been no stranger to Qatar lately, but two weekend have been a little bit different. The skies lit up with lightning and thunder and Qatar’s residents took to social media to share their snaps.

Here are some of our favourites that captured the electrified skies.

1. The lightning could be seen from miles away!

Qatar Lighning
Photo: Twitter SusieBillings

2. From the Pearl

Qatar Lightning
Photo: Twitter Benanial

3. From the Qanat Quartier

Qatar lightning
Photo: Salma Othman/Twitter AshlyAkhtenko

4. From Viva Bahriya

Qatar Lightning
Photo: Twitter DaniSposi

5. From the Losail International Circuit

 Qatar Lightning
Photo: Twitter GarethHarford

6. In Green Village

Qatar Lightning
Photo: IG khurramkhwaja

7. How incredible!

Qatar Lightning
Photo: Twitter storm_center

8. We love this one!

Qatar Lightning
Photo: IG a.basit_photo