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Doha Players

Doha Players were formed in 1954 and is a theatre group made up of English Speakers from all over the world.

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22 July 2013

Last updated on 13 June 2017
Doha Players

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The Doha Players group were formed in 1954 and is a theatre group made up of English speakers from all over the world. Their first production back in 1954 was ‘Bird in Hand’ and since then they have grown and gone from strength to strength producing some fabulous productions such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oliver, The Sound of Music, The Pirates of Penzance and Blood Brothers amongst many others.

Today they have roughly 250 members from over 20 different countries. Most of them have day jobs working in many different industries from Construction, Education, Office Jobs and of course this being Qatar, Oil and Gas! They are currently working on a new production which will take place at The Qatar National Theatre called the Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

It takes quite a bit of time to put on such a production, starting from submitting the script to putting on the first live show between 3– 6 months later. All auditions, planning, rehearsals etc. take place over at Education City at the Doha Players Villa.

Doha players are always on the lookout for new fresh talent such as singers, dancers, actors and of course musicians. There is also plenty to do if you do not want to go on stage such as props, lighting, make-up, hairdressing etc. So if you fancy joining such a fantastic group, why not go along to one of their many social evenings and see if it suits you? Membership starts from 100QR per year for individuals and increases for a family.

Doha Players can be contacted at [email protected] for further information and membership details.