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Why Qatar Won't Have Plastic Shopping Bags on Tuesdays

Qatar Ministry of Municipality and Environment announced the launch of "No Plastic Tuesdays" every month, banning single-use plastics at supermarkets

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18 September 2019

Last updated on 18 September 2019
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by Clarice Awa
Why Qatar Won't Have Plastic Shopping Bags on Tuesdays

The move was made in honour of World Clean-up Day

In an effort to cut down the use of single-use plastic bags, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment and Carrefour in Qatar launched a new campaign to celebrate World Clean-up Day.

From now on, on the third Tuesday of every month, Carrefour will have "No Plastic Tuesdays" where single-use plastic shopping bags will not be available at any cash counter. Instead, customers can use the onsite free environmentally-friendly and reusable bags or bring their own shopping bags. The same goes for the fruits and vegetable section, as these will be replaced by paper alternatives. Informative brochures will also be distributed across all Carrefour branches in Qatar to raise awareness.

Although this year's World Clean-up Day is set on September 21, 2019, eliminating single-use plastic bags during Tuesdays will continue in the country beyond the event.

Why Qatar Won't Have Plastic Shopping Bags on Tuesdays

Nawf Omar Bakhamis, Head of Awareness at the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, said the decision was made to enhance environmental education among all residents, visitors, and nationals in Qatar and encourage them to engage in more environmental choices.

Bakhamis mentioned that the Qatar Ministry's participation in World Clean-up Day this year reflects the country's support towards environmental initiatives and efforts, and stressed that doing so is a combined responsibility of all government bodies, companies, and individuals.

She also added that the move to collaborate with Carrefour Qatar is for the purpose of familiarising the public with the best, eco-friendly ways to shop and the benefits of opting for reusable bags instead.

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Laurent Hausknecht, Country Manager of Carrefour in Qatar, said, "We encourage all our customers to visit our stores on the third Tuesday of each month to collect their complimentary eco-bags, but most importantly, we ask that they remember to bring it along during every trip so that we’re one step closer to ensuring a single-use plastic free Qatar."